LETTER: Hoboken council voted on Union Dry Dock lease before it was publicly available


In a letter to the editor, various members of the Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse are expressing their dissatisfaction with the city council for voting on the Union Dry Dock lease before it was public available.

Dear Editor, Mayor Bhalla, Mayor’s Staff, Director Gonzalez, Council President Jabbour, and members of the Council,

First of all, we want to express our heartfelt appreciation for your unwavering support in completing the acquisition of the Union Dry Dock property.

Nevertheless, we are disappointed that the public was not given a copy of the Union Dry Dock lease.

The lease was not made readily available until after the minutes of the City Hall meeting were posted the following day. Council members voted on a lease that they may have only glanced over.

In the spirit of transparency we hope that in the future, stakeholders will have a seat at the table and that the administration, council members, and the public can have a mutually informed discussion about the issue at hand.

Although our volunteers are not satisfied with the current lease agreement for Union Dry Dock and our lack of involvement, we understand that part of the governing process is compromising.

We truly hope that the compromises made will allow us to continue to run our programs in a safe manner.

Director Gonzalez, your leadership and guidance have been instrumental, and we appreciate your follow through with our request by adding Section 2.5 (a)(b)(c)(d).

We strongly urge the administration/city authorities to be vigilant and proactive in enforcing the safety and environmental provisions of the lease.

We are grateful for your commitment to the Hoboken community and your continued support of the Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse programs.


The community at Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse:

Alvaro Rey Garrido, Volunteer

Adrian Concepcion, Volunteer

Allison Wolf, Volunteer

Amy Lam, Volunteer

Andreas Buhelman, Volunteer

Andrew L Carlson, Volunteer

Benedicte Catelin, Volunteer

Boris Catelin, Volunteer

Carlos Hernandez De Pena, Ke Aloha Outrigger Coach, Volunteer

Carol Sun, Volunteer

Carter Craft, HCCB Board Member

Chanel Wright, Volunteer

Christopher Chan, HCCB Guide, Volunteer

Claire Kerker, Volunteer

Diane Eckerle, Ke Aloha Outrigger Coach, Volunteer

Elaine Ann Blum, Volunteer

Edward Acker, Ke Aloha Outrigger Coach, Volunteer

Elizabeth Hernandez, Volunteer

Erica Nickerson, Volunteer

Evgeniy Savov, Volunteer

Gerry Sova, HCCB Board Member

Halden Bailey, Volunteer

Frank Traineau, Volunteer

Jannar Aarse, Volunteer

Jenna Lanzaro, Volunteer

Jennifer S Cox, Ke Aloha Outrigger Coach, East Coast Outrigger Racing Association President, Volunteer

Jeremy Roche,HCCB SUP Instructor, Volunteer

Jessica Pratt, Volunteer

Jiyun Shin, Volunteer

Jose Mediavilla, Volunteer

John Farrell, Volunteer

JohnAnthony DiMaria, Volunteer

Jozef Mravik, Volunteer

Julianne Darwin, Volunteer

Katelyn Chen, Volunteer

Keith S Tsang, HCCB Board Member, Executive Director at Ke Aloha Outrigger, Volunteer

Ken Dominguez, Volunteer

Kristin Svorinic, Volunteer

Lisa Michurski, Volunteer

Madeline Karp, HCCB Guide, Volunteer

Marie Ester Rollie Vitarelli, Volunteer

Martha Levin, Volunteer

Michelle McMillian, Volunteer

Monique Baumont, Volunteer

Natasha Quiroga, Volunteer

Naomi Morton, HCCB Guide, Ke Aloha Outrigger Coach, Volunteer

Nicole Teitler, Volunteer

Oscar Hernandez, HCCB Board Member, Volunteer

Paul Bayliss, Volunteer

Riaz Shaikh, American Canoe Association New Atlantic Division Director At Large

Head Kayak Instructor at Resilience Paddle Sports, Volunteer

Rosella Venafro, Volunteer

Ryan T Connolly, Volunteer

Sean Pfarr, Volunteer

Sean A Wright, HCCB SUP Instructor, Volunteer

Shiyan Zhang, Volunteer

Stephanie Hildebrand, Volunteer

Thomas Hildebrand, Volunteer

Wendy Lau, Volunteer

Yoon-jee Kim, Volunteer

Yvonne Enigk, Volunteer

Zin Narin Nas, Volunteer

Zoe G Park, Volunteer

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  1. Mayor Bhalla and his City Council tribe members are nothing if not compromised.

    While they may profess to support the ideals of transparency and public inclusion they have a long history of hiding facts from the public and excluding them from the decision making process.

    • Yep. Expensive ferry service for the already privileged is much more important.

      Just as long as it is not in Weehawken where Mayor Richard Turner wants to build more riverfront multi-million dollar condos for the very privileged, very rich.

      Priorities people.

      • Ferries saved lives when the plane landed on the Hudson and the Hudson is a COMMERCIAL WATERWAY
        it’s not a national park

        • One day 15 years ago New York Waterways a private for profit company did the right thing. They should be judged what they did in the last 5475 since and all those days before.

      • Love the whining about people who take the ferry to work in large numbers and pay substantial taxes so a few tree huggers or in this case the lame boat rowers can play in the river for a few minutes.

        It’s utterly moronic. That’s what the socialists do though. They destroy everything good and turn it into shite. Let them row to NYC and enjoy the street crime.

        Ravi has declared victory now at least half-a-dozen times over years and now the Ferry maintenance will go on for about half-a-decade or more. That’s fine as the practical has to be met but enough of the victory flag waving. Just agree with NYW to open up a bit of space where the pedestrian walkway is heavily trafficked and that would be a great interim step.

  2. How many of you voted for Ravinder? How many of you believe Ravinder had nothing to do with the racist fliers? How many of you believes Ravinder really gives a damn about black lives?

    Make no mistake: Ravi only cares about his own political aspirations, as evidenced by his many trips to Washington DC to meet with Pete Buttigieg. He must have something Emily Jabber and Phil Cohen (Jim is just ignorant and Joe is a pawn) but they are not good for Hoboken. They are only in this for their own personal career aspirations and sadly many people are being impacted.