LETTER: Hoboken BOE hopeful says don’t forget to register to vote by the end of today


In a letter to the editor, Hoboken Board of Education candidate Leslie Norwood, a part of the “Leadership That Listens” team, asks residents not to forget to register to vote by the end of today.

“Leadership That Listens” Hoboken Board of Education candidate Leslie Norwood. Facebook photo.

Dear Editor,

The deadline to register to vote is today, October 18. If you are currently living in Hoboken, please make sure you are registered to vote at your current address. Registering is simple; it can be done online or by mailing in a paper form.

Just go to the Hudson County website here.

Voting is easy, and there are 3 ways to vote! If you like the experience of voting at a ballot machine, then the ballot machines are open at your local polling location on November 8 from 6am to 8pm.

There is also early voting at ballot machines that runs from October 29th to November 6th at Hoboken City Hall.

If you prefer the convenience of voting by mail, or are unsure if you’ll be able to make it to a ballot machine before 8pm on November 8th, make sure you fill out a vote-by-mail application and return it by November 1st.

As a naturalized citizen, my mother took the right and duty to vote very seriously, and she instilled in me the importance of voting. I recall fondly the times she took me with her to vote at the ballot machines.

Now I make sure I explain to my children the importance of voting and show them how to vote.

Many feel that their vote doesn’t matter, but local elections can be decided by just a handful of votes. Local elections can directly impact your daily life, and certainly have a very real impact on our community.

Our representative democracy depends on informed citizens voting for their choice of elected representatives, as well as citizens stepping up to run for office. I’ve done my part.

Now I’m asking you to make sure you are registered and vote in the upcoming election. Our community is counting on you.

Leslie Norwood
Hoboken BOE candidate on November 8th

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  1. Not alot of faith if she doesn’t even ask for our vote for her or her running mates. Not surprising since all She does is ask people
    Who disagree with her on the 330mil referendum she championed if they have kids or every stepped in the HS, no one likes being talked down or condescended to.

  2. this is the woman who approached me at our block party spewing off about Patricia Waiters.
    ” You know everyone has to vote or else Pat Waiters might get in”

    Hmmm, you would have thought she was my racist uncle on Thanksgiving telling everyone ” You better not vote for Obama, those people are taking over…”

    But then again she is married to a Dyed in the red Republican