LETTER: Franklin Walker is the best and only choice for Jersey City superintendent


In a letter to the editor, Jersey City resident Robert Knapp says that Franklin Walker, the current interim superintendent of the local public schools, is the best choice to permanently take on the role.

Dear Editor,

Many learned historians will assert that the only way to move on with the future is to learn from the mistakes of the past.

Six years ago the Jersey City Board of Education, under pressure from local sources and with secret meetings held in the night brought in an outsider to serve as Superintendent of Schools in Jersey City.

This person originated from a failing school district that she was responsible for and this information is in the record and was the record when the school board appointed her.

At that time then Assistant Superintendent of Franklin Walker could have packed his bags and departed from the school system.

This gallant man held steadfast as his love is and has been for many decades the 33,000 school children and the 6,000 staff within the Jersey City Public Schools.

This writer has presented at the last two Board of Education meetings the views of the community at large that we do not and certainly should not waste time and precious funds conducting a nationwide search for a superintendent when we have a dedicated, professional and caring superintendent in the very person of Franklin Walker.

As a lifelong resident of Jersey City for seventy plus years and a proud product of the Jersey City Public Schools, we urge the current Board of Education to appoint the honorable Franklin Walker as superintendent.

Let us not repeat the horrors committed six years ago, let us be honest and sincere for our school children, teachers and all staff in our schools and lead with Mr. Walker.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert B. Knapp
Jersey City resident