LETTER: Ex-WNY Mayor Vega ‘kissed the ring’ of Roque, Freeholder Munoz says


In a letter to the editor, Hudson County Board of Chosen Freeholders Chairman Jose Munoz (D-7) says former West New York Mayor Sal Vega “kissed the ring” of his successor, Felix Roque, by supporting him politically.

Freeholder Jose Munoz

The fact that former West New York Mayor Sal Vega received a $60,000 dollar a year job to serve as the new High Tech HS Director of Transportation is in no way disturbing to me, unless his qualifications fall short of the position requirements or, in time, is unable to complete the job responsibilities required.

I say this to address the number of individuals who have contacted me recently for my opinion. Time will be the ultimate judge.

What is disturbing however is seeing a recently published photograph of a smiling Mr. Vega alongside West New York Mayor Felix Roque.

In politics, a position such as the one Mr. Vega received is granted only after support is given by the local municipal leadership – which in this case, is from Mayor Roque.

So, the question is: how can Mr. Vega, after making numerous public statement to the tune of “voters were lied to” and “voters elected people that were corrupt” and “thought himself as an emperor” all referring to Mayor Roque and his administration – have any personal integrity left?

Furthermore, what of his loyal supporters? Were his differences with Mayor Roque all a lie?

Did the fairy just sprinkle her fairy dust on Mayor Roque and all the problems facing West New York – including West New York’s Educational System which resulted in a State Investigation and scathing report against Mayor Roque just disappear? I think not.

An action by Mr. Vega such as this and the support our Democratic Leadership has shown for someone that has damaged the town of West New York and the reputation of all good Democrats doesn’t make sense.

Mayor Roque and his administration have been, are, and will, continue to be a serious blemish on the residents of West New York and a severe hindrance to the education of our children.

It is one thing to accept a position within the County as a qualified representative of a town and another to be the individual who has vehemently fought against the opposition (Mayor Roque) on behalf of the people primarily on philosophical principal to now bow down and kiss the ring of that very same opponent.

Does this mean Mr. Vega’s philosophical principals have changed and he no longer means what he said in prior years and recent months or did he simply sell his personal integrity. Perhaps he is the only one that really knows for certain.

In my opinion, if Mayor Roque was wrong then by leading West New York down the wrong path, he is clearly wrong now. By Mayor Roque hiring a team of professionals to “clean up” his image at taxpayer expense will never solve the problem.

The only solution for the residents of West New York and all good Democrats is to remove Mayor Roque from office – then and only then will the people have a fighting chance to bring good politics and a better educational system for our children back to West New York and Hudson County.


  1. Excellent letter, Freeholder Munoz. You hit the nail right on the head on every single point. Thank you.

    I hope the citizens of this town will show Roque and the HCDO that we don’t buy Scarinci’s whitewash and that Roque’s purported “redemption” is nothing but a farce and another insulting attempt to fool the people of WNY.

    Vote Roque OUT, where he belongs!

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