LETTER: Elect Hoboken Proud, ‘the right team,’ to the Board of Education


In a letter to the editor, the Hoboken Proud Board of Education slate of Melanie Tekirian, Sharyn Angley and Chetali Khanna urge voters to elect “the right team.”

The Hoboken Proud board of education slate. Photo courtesy of their campaign.
The Hoboken Proud board of education slate. Photo courtesy of their campaign.

Dear Editor,

We are Melanie Tekirian (#J5), Sharyn Angley (#J6), and Chetali Khanna (#J7). Together, we are HOBOKEN PROUD. We believe that strong schools and a strong community go hand in hand. We are invested in both.

We are all longtime Hoboken residents, and all of our children attend the Hoboken Public School District. As parents, we know first-hand about the progress, innovative programs, great teachers and administrators the district has to offer.

Our motivation to become board members is based on our own positive experience with the district. This is not a stepping stone to a future in politics, this is a stepping stone to making our elementary and middle school urban schools of excellence and Hoboken High School our communities’ No. 1 choice.

We have a combined 50 years of leadership experience in finance, accounting and internal audit. Sharyn graduated with a BS in Accounting from The Pennsylvania State University and worked in public accounting and finance for KPMG, Lehman Brothers and Barclays Capital before deciding to stay home with her three sons.

Chetali graduated with a BS in Business Administration and Masters in Accounting from The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and worked in public accounting and internal audit for KPMG, Deloitte, Avon and Steve Madden before transitioning to part-time work from home.

Melanie graduated with a Bachelors in International Relations from George Washington University and a Masters in Information Systems Management from Stevens. She is now on the executive team at a financial technology consulting firm.

Our commitment to the district speaks for itself. Sharyn, serving on the board for the last three years, has displayed through her actions and voting record her wholehearted support for the students, teachers, and administration.

Chetali, serving as a PTO officer for last three years has prioritized collaborating with all PTOs district wide. Melanie has been an active volunteer with the PTO and the K-12 theater program where she lead fundraising efforts for the Spring production’s ad sales.

In addition to Sharyn’s role on the board, Chetali and Melanie have been regularly attending BOE meetings for the past 3 years.

We believe that supporting Dr. Christine Johnson means supporting her with our words and our actions. As board members, we will work constructively with Dr. Johnson and the Business Administrator to build a fiscally responsible budget that will support district students, teachers, administrators and facilities.

In conjunction, we will work with the administration to address enrollment growth (K-12 enrollment growth was ~200 students this year alone) and facility needs to support a plan that works for the district and the growing community.

Together, we bring experience and talents from our education and professional experiences that will benefit the board of education’s oversight responsibilities.

We are confident that we are the right team to serve the district. We hope you will join us and vote 5,6,7 in column J on Election Day!

Thank you,

Melanie Tekirian (#J5), Sharyn Angley (#J6), and Chetali Khanna (#J7)


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