LETTER: ‘Education Matters’ BOE team thanks everyone in Jersey City who voted for them


In a letter to the editor, the “Education Matters” Board of Education team thanks everyone in Jersey City who voted for them on November 6th. 

Dear Editor,

Results of the November 6th election indicates a large majority of Jersey City residents were energized about public education.

Members of the Education Matters Team are excited about that show of participation. We thank each of you who cast a vote for our slate.

We understand the return to local control will be a challenge. There will be issues of funding for our schools.

Our team remains committed to work steadily in an effort to ensure all Jersey City students are career and or college ready. From pre-k to 12th grade, our students can count on the Education Matters Team to ensure their educational experience will be successful.

Our thanks to the other candidates who ran their campaign with dignity. We hope they will remain involved as it really does take a whole village, working together, to surmount the issues we face.

We encourage the residents of Jersey City to attend the monthly Board of Education meetings. Your views are important to the success of our endeavors.

Thanks to each of you for the vote of confidence given to the Education Matters Team.

Marilyn Roman
Joan Terrell-Paige
Mussab Ali

Education Matters Team