LETTER: Democrats need to unite and support presidential nominee against Trump


In a letter to the editor, Hoboken Democratic Committee Chair Rachel Hodes explains why she feels Democrats need to unite and support the presidential nominee – whoever it may be – against President Donald Trump (R) in November.

Hoboken Democratic Committee Chair Rachel Hodes.

Dear Editor,

For Democrats around the county, this week has been a lot to digest.

Perhaps you are recovering from Senator Klobuchar and Mayor Pete induced political
whiplash – Candidate yesterday, Biden endorser today!

Or you are worn out from arguing that Biden’s debate stage performance does not
equate presidential competence (aka the debate about debates).

Or you are tired of defending Sanders’ platform to more moderate members of the party
(Remember- looking left is better than what’s staring at us from the White House!).

Maybe you’re disappointed to have witnessed two qualified, intelligent, and determined women leave the race in the span of just a few days, exiting what was once the most diverse field in the history of American politics.

Elizabeth Warren, I will miss your voice on the campaign trail.

Many of you have had to let go of your first, second, or even third-choice candidates
and push yourself to find excitement in a campaign that doesn’t yet feel like home. It’s
like getting over a heartbreak, and these readjustments are extraordinarily hard.

It’s exhausting.  I’m tired too.

And now … a choice for our country between two dominant – and very different – visions
for the Democratic Party.

No candidate is perfect, no campaign is flawless, and no vision is without faults. But both of the front-runners are worlds better than Donald Trump.

No matter who becomes the nominee, the Democratic Party will be more progressive than it has ever been and we can – and must! – use this moment to engage in coalition-
building among the diverse factions within our Party.

So what do we do next? I’m so glad you asked ….

ACKNOWLEDGE that the goal is to defeat Donald Trump, not tear down other

RECOGNIZE that the nominee is not going to embody every single citizen’s every
hope and dream. Many of our fellow Democrats may need time to mourn the loss
of their candidate from the race and readjust.

LISTEN to your fellow citizens about what’s important to them, what they want to
see for our country, and try to find common ground.

CONVERSE, DON’T YELL at people with differing opinions. Engage in healthy
policy discussions, and share pieces of the campaign platform that you feel
excited about.

WORK TOGETHER to register new voters, engage out-of-touch voters, and
increase voter turnout on Election Day.

HELP our fellow Democrats in purple states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and

FINALLY, if you have five minutes, five hours, or five days, the Hoboken Democratic
Committee has a job for you. It’s not enough to just yell at the television or type out a
tweet. We need to mobilize and we need to do it now.

2016 was a devastating blow for us, but we have a real chance to make things right for
America. Take the time you need to find your passion again, and then come join us in
this fight. Your country needs you.

Rachel Hodes
Hoboken Democratic Committee Chair

To reach her, or the party, or to get involved, please email HobokenDemocraticParty@gmail.com.

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