LETTER: Davis needs to address ‘racist and disgusting’ posts by Bayonne firefighter


In a letter to the editor, Bayonne resident Barry Smith says that Mayor Jimmy Davis needs to address the “racist and disgusting” Facebook posts made by city firefighter Keith Castaldo.

Bayonne firefighter Keith Castaldo. Facebook photo, fire truck photo via Bayonnenj.org.

Dear Editor,

After reading the SOAPBOX BLOG on Facebook, concerning the City of Bayonne Fireman Keith J. Castaldo’s racist posts, I was disgusted.

Having seen major advancements made concerning racism in my lifetime I cannot condone or should any other condone these setbacks.

This must be dealt with immediately and Mayor Davis should explain how not only one of his firemen, but one of his key supporters, has been posting these racist and disgusting posts over a long period of time.

AND PLEASE DON’T TELL US HE WAS HACKED. That excuse was already used by Mayor Davis.

I would like to lure people’s attention to my concern which is that racism has become such a big topic within the last year. Major incidents such as riots have erupted from individual’s ignorance and immaturity and should not be allowed to continue.

These posts were done out of pure hate of other races and religions. No individuals should have a reason to post or speak racial slurs.

Educating our youth about stopping racism will not work if childish adults like Fireman Castaldo can get away with his actions. Working for a municipality an employee, especially a first responder should be respectful to his peers and the citizens that employ him.

Maybe Fireman Castaldo should get a glimpse of the face of the world and especially the City of Bayonne. Our neighbors and new comers are from varied backgrounds.

We should take great pride in the coming together from so many lands, ethnic heritages and cultural traditions. Unity will be wounded from the persistent evil of racism.

We all need to speak out against this hate. Mayor Davis needs to confront his friend about this issue with the conviction that this must not be tolerated.

Intolerance and racism will not go away without a concerted awareness and effort on everyone’s part.

In whatever form, intolerance of other people because of their race, religion or national origin is ultimately a denial of human dignity.

No one is better than another person because of the color of their skin or the place of their birth or especially the religion they follow.

Barry Smith
Bayonne resident and civil service employee

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  1. Barry, I believe I read he was suspended & an investigation pending. Barry, although words can be offensive they are just words, actions are more harmful.
    Barry,were you upset with all the brutality complaints made by minority citizens when Jason was the public safety director. How about under Jason there were no black firefighters.

    • Was Jason in charge of racist FF? No. Did he not have minority and female officers hired? Yes.

      Words go a long way when you represent something more than yourself. This is all civil service 101. They all will tell you, clean out your social media and be careful what you post.