LETTER: College Dems of NJ endorse Children First West New York BOE team


In a letter to the editor, the College Democrats of New Jersey have endorsed the Children First West New York Board of Education ticket for the November 8 election. Children First

Dear editor,

On Tuesday, November 8, voters in the Township of West New York will be allowed to participate in one of the special freedoms we have in our country. Voting gives every citizen the opportunity to express how they feel on various issues and elect the candidates who will lead over the next term in office.

The West New York Children’s First Team which consists of Adam Parkinson, Jose Alcantara and David Morel are solid candidates who deserve to serve students, parents, teachers, and concerned residents of West New York.

Adam Parkinson, who is the youngest president of a board of education in the history of the State of New Jersey, speaks volumes as education is a top priority in his life while he is seeking his undergraduate degree from St. Peters University in Jersey City.

Jose Alcantara has served on multiple boards in West New York and has volunteered over 500 hours to diverse campaigns, including the campaign that changed the school district from an appointed to an elected board.

Alcantara is also a student at St. Peters University working on his Master’s Degree in Public Administration.

David Morel is a Supervisor at NJ Motor Vehicle Commission and a Legislative Aide to New Jersey Assemblywoman Angelica Jimenez, as well as a three-time West New York Committeeman.

As West New York continues to develop future leaders by investing trust and experience in young and passionate democrats, College Democrats of New Jersey is proud to endorse the West New York Children’s First Team.

We would also like to thank West New York Mayor Felix Roque who sees the value in ensuring leaders are properly trained and developed to take over when the times comes.


John Bingham – President

Demetrius M. Terry – Executive Vice President

Anthony Antonini – Membership Director

Mohamed Asker – Communications Director

Karlito A. Almeda – Treasurer

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  1. There is an old quote: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results”. Voting for these 3 will prove it correct once again.

  2. If the political class of West New York and all of Hudson County for that matter, could find a way to spend as much time helping young people to get a quality education and to find employment in the PRIVATE SECTOR as they do attacking each other politically, all of Hudson County would be better off. Politics is a perpetual blood sport there, and as a result those communities have degraded and the people continue to suffer as parts of Hudson County mirror life in a Third World country. I was in WNY recently and I couldn’t get out fast enough. I’m glad I headed north for Bergen County back in the 1980’s. Since then WNY, and most of Hudson County, has only gotten more and more dysfunctional as these postings clearly indicate.