LETTER: Black lives, voices, & opinions matter when discussing future of Liberty State Park


In a letter to the editor, Jersey City entrepreneur Bruce Alston explains why he feels black lives, voice, and opinions matter when discussing the future of Liberty State Park.

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Dear Editor,

I have never been passive in my thoughts on issues concerning my community … I even can admit that there have been times I may have been wrong in my assessment.

Concerning the “alleged” Liberty State Park privatization plan.

As man who was born in Jersey City and witnessed how our city has become segregated by wealth, class, and societal issues, my stance is the black and brown communities deserve the opportunity to discuss any future direction of the park.

There is no denying Friends of Liberty Park have been advocates for the preservation of the park.

Their advocacy should not preclude or empower a narrative that black citizens are being bought and sold like we just came off their ancestor’s slave ships.

We as a black Community have historically been dealt cards from the bottom of the deck locally by government and certain advocates lead by voices that believe they know what’s best on all issues that concern us as people.

The talk of myself selling out my community or that any past legal troubles should silence me from having an opinion on the direction of Liberty State Park speaks of a bigger issue in which a segment of people in Jersey City who champion the label of progressives are nothing more than supporters of the “Shut Up Negro” movement that invoke your past as a weapon to deflect from the issue.

The real issue is should black citizens, as a community, have a say of what happens in Liberty State Park.

My stance is Yes!!!

Bruce Alston
Jersey City entrepreneur


  1. This guy has no idea what he’s talking about. And yes you lose credibility when you spend 5 years defrauding your own community. You want everyone just to forget that and pretend like it never happened? And now suddenly you are supporting a white billionaire who has done ZERO for the black or all the community under the disguise of some black activist? Do you just think people in the community are that stupid that they won’t read through your money grab?

    Get real. The last people you are supporting is the black community along with Jermaine who has been using the same boring tactics to take advantage of the black community. The same old story “I grew up in JC blah blah blah” as if that somehow justifies your position. We judge your character by your actions…as the old saying goes, you made your bed now sleep in it! You are a conman!!

  2. Sad that your paper is giving a platform and credibility to Mr. Alston. He’s a self-proclaimed “community activist”, yet has virtually no support or backing of the community. A self-proclaimed “entrepreneur”, yet has no success in a legitimate business. He’s an admitted drug addict, conman and still on probation for his last mortgage fraud. He’s just out for himself, not the community. The people of Ward F deserve better.


  3. I’m embarrassed to admit that I wasted my own time and brain cells reading this letter three times, trying to find any semblance of a coherent argument in favor of privatization. Literally nothing apart from “my stance is yes!” has anything to do with the actual issue at hand. How does this stuff get published? How does this guy get airtime?