LETTER: Angela McKnight tired of Matt Kopko’s ‘malicious accusations’ during Assembly race


In a letter to the editor, the campaign of District 31 Democratic Assembly nominee Angela McKnight wants to set the record straight about some of the “malicious accusations” being made by her Republican counterpart during this election season. 

Angela McKnight

While we continue to run a campaign devoid of divisiveness, we regret we must again respond to the incendiary tactics of our opposition.

Matthew Kopko is the Republican nominee for NJ State Assembly in the 31st Legislative District. He has continuously spread false information and hurled malicious accusations not only directed at Angela V. McKnight, the Democratic nominee, but also her running mate and her campaign staff.

We’ll start with the most recent untruths.

Matthew alleges he was threatened by Mr. Eugene McKnight (who was allegedly with Angela) at a community event over the weekend. Angela arrived at the event alone, not with Mr. Eugene McKnight, as stated by Matthew. A police report was taken; however, Angela nor Eugene are mentioned in the report.

Matthew also alleged that Angela is committing fraud with her campaign funds. To date, the State of New Jersey Division of Elections hasn’t contacted the campaign, nor the candidate in regard to any violation(s) or investigation(s) relating to her campaign.

Angela V. McKnight is a life long resident of Jersey City and has been a pillar in her community for years. Her service to the community is not a campaign advertisement. It is her life. She doesn’t ask to be acknowledged.

The community has chosen on several occasions to honor her because her work speaks for itself. We will not allow Matthew to attempt to mislead the community about Angela’s intentions.

To the contrary, Matthew was not present in the community until he decided to run for office. Peruse back through his social media accounts and you will not find posts with him in Ward F. He hasn’t been vocal about crime, business development, reentry, etc. until he decided to run.

Matthew hasn’t hosted a single meet and greet. He spends very little time in the other wards, which make up the 31st Legislative District in Jersey City as well as in Bayonne. He is attempting to take advantage of the Ward F community via divisive rhetoric, false accusations and synthetic press releases.

Matthew seizes photo opportunities (clad in campaign paraphernalia) with grassroots community leaders and posts them on social media insinuating a partnership or political support. For example, he claims to have been a part of the initiative for foot patrols and body cameras. This is false.

That initiative was spearheaded by a group of grassroots community leaders. Their efforts began last year and Matthew was not involved. The foot patrols and cameras were already in the works when he tried to imply he helped get it done.

The problem for Matthew is our community is far more intelligent than he thinks and they see though his diversions from the truth.

Our community deserves to be represented by those that truly care, those who have been working in their community long before this election, those whose mission is to reconnect broken relationships, heal the mistrust, and unite the 31st Legislative District in the common goal of achieving a better quality of life for their constituents.

Angela V. McKnight has not only been doing these things, she has been selected by the voters of the 31st District to facilitate further change on the state level.

Our campaign is about uniting the community and working together. We will continue to run a respectable campaign, devoid of rhetoric and divisive behaviors.

We thank our supporters and look forward to seeing you on November 3, 2015.

Angela V. McKnight for Assembly, 31st Legislative District NJ

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