Latino pastor group calls Stack ‘an advocate of women’ in light of Flores claims


The New Jersey Coalition of Latino Pastors and Ministers are supporting state Senator (D-33/Union City Mayor Brian Stack in light of a political retaliation lawsuit accusing him of forcing himself on a pastor and part-time board of education employee.

The New Jersey Latino Pastors and Ministers Coalition President Rev. Bolivar Flores.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

” … Stack has been a strong supporter and advocate for women throughout his public life. Whether In Trenton or Union City, he has championed legislation to better the lives of women in the areas of health care, paid family leave, access to early detention exams like mammography, expanding domestic violence counseling and increasing funding to support small business growth,” the group said in a statement.

” [He] has made public safety his number one priority from hosting neighborhood watch seminars to ensuring that everyone is treated with respect regardless of their gender, religion, race, citizenship status, age or income.”

The group notes that they are not familiar with Deli Flores’ work as a pastor and reiterates that Stack is not named as a defendant, despite being accused of an “uninvited sexual violation” back in 2006.

“As clergy, it is our responsibility to seek the truth, to be compassionate, and to serve the poor and marginalized. We can simply state that the Senator/Mayor Stack we know has been a strong supporter of women’s rights and has overwhelmingly hired a diverse workforce, the majority of which are women,” the group continued.

According to her LinkedIn page, Flores is a pastor at “Comunidad Cristiana Internacional USA,” though their address is not listed. A house of worship with that name has an address in Brooklyn.

In her suit against the Union City Board of Education and three employees (including Stack’s significant other), Flores alleges she won’t be considered for full-time employment for refusing to support Stack politically.

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