Jimenez says mother injured herself after being harassed in West New York


Assemblywoman Angelica Jimenez (D-32), a candidate for West New York commissioner, says her mother injured herself after being harassed during early voting, though the opposition says her account is not accurate.

Facebook photos.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“My 78 year old mother was heckled and harassed by members of a team that is running against the Team that I am honored and Blessed to be running on … My mom was driving and sitting in her car 100 feet away from the voting area but next to our opposition which is the team running under Albio Sires,” Jimenez wrote on social media yesterday.

“The Sires people were banging on her car window, she tried to move her car and scratched the car in front of her ( a board worker that also scared her) she got out of her car ( she had no cell phone ) out of fear of personal injury. She fell in the middle of the street and injured herself. I was told by Hudson county officials that it’s ok behavior and this is Hudson County.”

She also questioned is anyone from either side of the aisle, including Gov. Phil Murphy (D, who has endorsed Sires), would defend this type of behavior and asked if this is truly the new normal in political discourse.

In a lengthy response on their Facebook page, the “Sires Team for West New York” said that no one banged on any car windows and that Jimenez’s mother was asked to move her car since she was parked within 100 feet of a polling site with political signage on her car.

“The Column B challenger called the independent County Election Board Monitor (a County employee). The monitor also informed her mother that she had to move her car because she was parked within the restricted 100 feet of a polling site with political signs on her car,” they wrote.

“Again, there was no banging on her window, and her mother refused to move. Moments later, she decided to move her car, and she hit another car. This car was the car of the County Master Poll worker, an election supervisor for the County. She tried to leave the scene of the accident, and she was asked to stop and wait for the police.”

They also claim that the assemblywoman wasn’t present and that her mother tripped over a manhole cover after getting out of her car and it was Sires supporters who helped her off the ground and got her a bottle of water, despite Jimenez supporters also witnessing what happened.

Jimenez is running on the “West New York Forward” headed by Public Affairs Commissioner Cosmo Cirillo and the incident took place during early voting on Sunday.

The Hudson County Board of Elections declined to comment on Monday afternoon.

The non-partisan West New York municipal elections are tomorrow, May 9th and the polls will be open between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m.


Editor’s note: This story was updated to reflect that the Hudson County Board of Elections declined to comment on the matter.

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    • There’s no video, so unfortunately this is another classic case of he said she said and of course both sides present two completely different POVs.

  1. Ask the B challenger if there was a B sign on the car instead of an A, would he had told his fellow worker if he or she was parked illegally? I really doubt it! Notice how that was omitted from the story! Hmm!

  2. Voting Row C.
    As in, C what you made me do.

    How many others got roughed up because they opposed her all her time in Trenton?

  3. Fall of Saigon/WNY

    Soon as a war breaks out WNY will be deserted. Most will run back to their country and forget about there time in WNY.

    Like they never where here.

    All these leeches will crawl back some where in a tropical zone and tell how bad things where in gringo land.