Jersey City Redevelopment Agency moving ahead on bringing arts center to Journal Square


The Jersey City Redevelopment Agency has hired three international consulting firms to move forward on bringing an arts center to Journal Square.

Photo via Twitter.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

The museum, which will be located inside of the Pathside Building adjacent to the Journal Square PATH station, plans to bring together a variety of art forms and community activities that will further enhance the creative interest in Journal Square.

The JCRA, who owns the building after its purchase earlier this year from Hudson County Community College, has selected the international firms OMA/AMO and AEA to serve as the architectural and creative consultants on this project.

“This Museum and community space is an incredibly important investment not only for the future of Journal Square, but for our City and region as well,” Mayor Steven Fulop said.

“I am excited to continue moving this project forward with the help of OMA/AMO and AEA, who have proven their expertise in museum development, and I am confident that they will help us define our vision for a space that will become a destination for artists and visitors alike.”

OMA will serve as the team’s architecture firm, AMO as their in-house research and design studio, and AEA as a consulting partner who has specialized in strategy and planning for the culture and creative industry.

“Historically, Journal Square was not only a transportation hub but also a cultural center,” added OMA Partner-in-Charge Jason Long.

“At a time where museums are increasingly serving as dynamic spaces that engage both local communities and global audiences, we are looking forward to working with the Mayor to transform the Pathside Building into a catalyst for the Jersey City’s cultural and civic renaissance.

OMA/AMO have a long history of strategically masterplanning unique and innovative institutions throughout the world, and have offices in New York, Rotterdam and Hong Kong.

Additionally, OMA New York, the team that will be responsible for the Jersey City Museum, has overseen the successful completion of several buildings across the country, including the Wyly Theater in Dallas, the Seattle Central Library, the Faena Forum and a new extension to the National Museum of Quebec in Quebec City.

“The OMA/AMO/AEA proposal was thoughtful, comprehensive, and directly in line with our larger vision for the Jersey City Museum,” further stated JCRA Director Diana Jeffrey.

“Our search for a consultant partner in this project brought forward several impressive candidates, but ultimately the OMA team, with their strategy and experience, inspired us most, and I look forward to working together on a successful and innovative project.”

The five-story, 55,000 square foot building located at 25 Sip Avenue will focus on the visual arts with a component of the building reserved for local artists.

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  1. The building seems fairly large. One possible use for the upper flors may be for Police Headquarters. The city is currently renting space on Journal Square with inadequate parking and the owner has requested the space back. The savings could be used to support the Arts Center. The foot traffic brought to Headquarters would help to advertise the Arts Center. Thanks for listening.