Jersey City hosts 12th annual Bolivian Independence Day Parade


The 12th annual Bolivian Independence Day Parade colored the streets from Hamilton Park to City Hall in Downtown Jersey City with folkloric “Toba,” “Caporal,” “Tinku” and “Ch’uta” costumes.


“I’m very proud of my daughter because she is following my customs and my family. We are in the United States and the United states is letting us celebrate our independence,” shared Eveylin Picasi, a mother whose daughter is performing a folkloric dance in the parade.

The parade included 15 Bolivian cultural dance groups demonstrating the “Caporal” a dance of the foremen, “La Morenada” and “La Diablada” – which is the dance of devils.

These are three dances typically performed at “entradas” or processions.

The colorful event celebrates the 190th Bolivian Independence Day, commemorating its independence from the Spanish Empire and establishing the Bolivian Republic in 1825.

Jersey City Council President Rolando Lavarro was the grand marshal of the parade, the honorary marshal was Harlem Balboa, a community activist for Bolivian cultures, and the parade “Reina” was Liseth Flores.

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