Jersey City councilman accuses Team Fulop of ripping down campaign flyers


Jersey City Ward B Councilman Chris Gadsden is accusing several allies of Mayor Steven Fulop, including one current and two former councilmen, of ripping down his campaign flyers on Saturday night. 

Chris Gadsden

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Mr. Gadsen [sic] states yesterday 12/02/2017 around 1800 hours (6 p.m.) himself, Frank Gilmore and a few others were displaying flyers in the District 33 area about his campaign,” a police report of the alleged incident says.

“He then stated that during this [time] he observed Former Councilmen Phil Kenny and David Donnelly removing the flyer[s] to his campaign.”

The report continues on that Gadsden approached the two former officials and asked them to stop removing his campaign literature from homes, to which they responded that “they were just cleaning up.”

Gadsden also told police that a short time later, he observed others, including Council President Rolando Lavarro, and his opponent, Mira Prinz-Arey, of throwing out his campaign material.

“Mr. Gasen [sic] was advised that even though these acts were dishonorable they did not violate any statutes or city ordinances at this time,” the report, prepared by Police Officer Anthony Viola, concludes.

In a Facebook live video streamed yesterday, expressed disappointment about the situation.

“The whole establishment inside of Ward B, they’re on one single block going door to door, taking my material off of houses. Now, you would think, that if you had all of that political leadership and capital: that should be spread out,” Gadsden said in his video.

“They have an enormous amount of resources going all around the ward just to do what they need to do.”

Prinz-Arey, who ran on Fulop’s ticket in the November 7th election, missed knocking Gadsden, who was part of mayoral challenger Bill Matsikoudis’ slate, out of the seat by just 26 votes.

Instead, they will again square off at the polls tomorrow in a runoff election to determine who will earn the right to serve in the Ward B council seat through 2021.

Prinz-Arey, Lavarro, Kenny and Donnelly did not immediately return inquiries seeking comment this afternoon.

A Facebook live video posted by Gilmore detailing the alleged incident, that has since been removed, can be seen here.

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