Jersey City Council issues proclamation for fallen Police Officer William Graw


The Jersey City Council issued a proclamation honoring the life of fallen Jersey City Police Officer William Graw at yesterday’s regularly scheduled meeting.


“I was one of the ones that taught Willie Graw when he came through the police academy and he was a fine officer,” Ward C Councilman Rich Boggiano, a retired police officer, said before reading the proclamation before the council.

A Dickinson High School graduate, Graw, 52, was appointed to the Jersey City Police Department on November 22, 1988, shortly thereafter assigned to the midnight tour of the 6th Precinct.

Boggiano also noted that Graw was “the recipient of three excellent police service awards and one community service excellence award” during his 28-year career.

Council President Rolando Lavarro expressed his condolences to the Graw family, specifically William’s wife Andrea, and his two daughters, Alexandria and Gianna, and thanked them for allowing William to serve the City of Jersey City.

Louis DeStefano, a police officer and friend of Graw, said “we lost a good officer, a good man and one of our best friends,” adding that “I miss him greatly” as he fought back tears.

The audience expressed their approval by offering DeStefano a loud round of applause.

Jersey City Deputy Chief of Police Robert Gutch said explained that Graw’s demeanor as a desk assistant to the lieutenant meant a great deal to many officers in the department.

“I used to tease Willie that he was the 1st Team, All-City DA for the midnight tour … constantly keeping the officers upbeat,” Gutch said.

“He filled the candy tray, the fruit tray, he ran everything like that so whenever we came up to the precinct … the precinct became a home away from home because of what Willie did for us.”

Graw, fondly referred to as his friends as “Jinx,” passed away on October 2, 2016 and his cause of death was not disclosed in his obituary.

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  1. Candy tray, fruit tray? No wonder cops are obese. Hey a city worker and county worker died why no proclamations for them. Wonder how much this worthless ceremony cost the taxpayers.