Jersey City BOE hopeful Ioffe says P.S. 16 group prepared her for board seat


Jersey City Board of Education candidate Natalia Ioffe says her work with the Concerned Parents Association of the Cornelia F. Bradford Elementary School will translate well to a seat on the board.


“The reason this year that I’ve decided to run for the board of education is because we have managed, in working for out school, to gain a very rich experience in terms of helping the children and the teachers of our school, and subsequently, of this district,” said Ioffe, the vice president of the CPA of Public School No. 16.

“We have managed to build a lot of amazing bridges in spreading all the good practices that have built and to be able to empower other parent leader teams and schools to do what we’ve done and to help them find other knew and other innovative ways to help their schools.”

She also noted that the CPA board works closely with the district administration and their management on various endeavors such as providing classrooms with air conditioners and school supplies.

When asked how she plans to bring back civility and decorum to the board, Ioffe said all nine trustees need to keep their eyes on the ultimate goal: providing the best education possible for the students.

Ioffe later stated that she believes Superintendent of Schools Dr. Marcia Lyles is doing a good job of keeping the educational standards and morale of students high, though also said complacency still exists in the school district.

Finally, despite a lot of commotion and controversy in the early portion of the election cycle, Ioffe said she believes Jersey City voters will still ultimately select the three best candidates for the job.

“I think people know exactly what they want and they should be allowed to make their own choices. And I will respect their choices, whatever they are. The reason why I think I would be a good candidate is because I believe very much in diplomacy and very much in hard work.”

10 candidates are seeking three, three-year terms on the Jersey City BOE this year and Election Day is November 8.