JCEA PAC finally formally endorses ‘Education Matters’ team in Jersey City BOE race


The Jersey City Education Association Political Action Committee have finally unveiled their endorsement in the Jersey City Board of Education race and it’s not a surprise: they’re keeping their years-long trend of backing the “Education Matters” ticket.

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By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“On behalf of the nearly 4,000 Jersey City Public School educators and school support staff, I am pleased to announce our enthusiastic support of the members of the Education Matters slate”, said JCEA President Ronald Greco.

“These candidates have proven track records of advocacy and have demonstrated a commitment to the students of the Jersey City Public Schools as well as the community at large. Each possess unique qualities we feel are essential for a productive and successful school board.”

This year’s incarnation of the Education Matters ticket consists of Board President Sudhan Thomas, along with Trustees Gina Verdibello, Gerry Lyons and Lekendrick Shaw.

Joining them is first time candidate Darwin Ona, a local police officer and Jersey City Redevelopment Agency board member.

“Sudhan, Gerald and Gina have demonstrated their value in their breadth of knowledge, levels of experience and progressive ideas when it comes to advocating for the students, parents and staff while being ever-mindful of their responsibility to Jersey City taxpayers.”

The endorsement is particularly expected this year, given that candidates typically register with a slogan at the July filing deadline and Thomas, Lyons, Verdibello and Ona all ran under the “Education Matters” banner.

Additionally, a judge ruled in August that former Trustee Matt Schapiro’s seat should be on the ballot, a seat that Shaw was appointed to a little over two weeks later.

He told HCV at that time that he would be rounding out the Education Matters slate.