Jamie Cryan named new West New York municipal administrator at $120k


The West New York Board of Commissioners unanimously approved (5-0) Jamie Cryan, who currently serves as the executive director of the parking authority, as the new town municipal administrator at last night’s meeting.

Town Clerk Carmela Riccie confirmed what Hudson County View first reported yesterday: that Cryan would be earning $120,000 annually at his new Town Hall gig.

Cryan’s appointment was unanimous among the five-person board, a decision that was applauded by Mayor Felix Roque and Commissioner Cosmo Cirillo – as well as Commissioner Susan Colacurcio who revealed that 23 candidates were interviewed for the job.

Cryan, who was earning $90,000 as the head of the parking authority, briefly addressed the board to thank them for the opportunity.

Cryan, who takes over the new post on April 1, said the commissioners asked him to interview for the position, adding that he hopes to make sure that all the services in town are accountable to the people of West New York.

He concluded by stating that he is unsure who is going to be succeed him as the executive director of the parking authority, but said he plans on lending a helping hand when necessary.

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  1. Cryan will be some where else in a year or two.

    If he does what he is told he might even be locked up one day.. Watch the Money spent people.

    Fraud and kick backs are what he will be told to do. He has done it in Hoboken before and is a Yes Boy.

  2. Jimmy Cryan is a true Liar and scammer.

    He believes his own Lies..

    People will discover this really fast once you get to know him.

    People watch Cryan very carefully in everything his has his hands on. Follow the Money first and than your back with him. Don’t ever believe what he says.

    A Total Fraud.

  3. I guess running attack web site’s against Mayors pays off for a second time in HC?

    Good Boy Jimmy for pulling it down or getting it pulled down. We know now who will be sitting with Munoz from now on.

    Mayor Turner is happy now.