Hudson Regional Hospital says they’ve closed on $76M deal for Bayonne hospital property


Hudson Regional Hospital says they’ve closed on a $76 million deal for real estate occupied by the Bayonne Medical Center, though their competition remains unimpressed and claims the deal is far from complete.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“HRH is the natural next operator of Bayonne Medical Center, and we look forward to a response from CarePoint to our offer,” HRH CEO Dr. Nizar Kifaieh said in a statement.

“HRH has an exemplary record with the New Jersey Department of Health and with this acquisition is well-positioned to create a premier network of acute care facilities in Hudson County.”

The land purchased was owned by Avery Eisenreich, the owner of Alaris Health who also has control of 70 percent of the Hoboken University Medical Center property – another CarePoint hospital has expressed an interest in purchasing and operating.

BMC Hospital LLC President Wayne Hatami called today’s announcement “a gimmick” that ignores key facts.

“HRH’s press release is a gimmick. HRH is no closer to control over the land on which Bayonne Hospital operates. That will be decided by the courts, the Department of Health, and the eminent domain process already underway. Nothing HRH has done or can do changes the fact that CarePoint has both a lease that HRH must still respect (as HRH admitted in court) and that CarePoint and BMC have an exclusive agreement regarding the future operations of the hospital, which is the most critical issue at hand,” he said in a statement.

“The Bayonne community deserves an operator that is financially stable, will ensure access to high-quality health care, and will continue to operate the facility as a hospital and not turn it into a nursing home. Meanwhile HRH’s owner, Yan Moshe, faces a $65 million RICO conspiracy lawsuit involving fraudulent no-fault insurance claims and he operates surgery centers that have allegedly infected patients with HIV. That’s a dangerous track record that the people of Bayonne simply do not deserve.”

In response, HRH said that they’ve filed a deed with the county, that BMC has already had an application for the Bayonne Medical Center rejected, BMC has never operated an acute care facility, and any notion that one is Moshe’s facilities resulted in a HIV infection is “libelous disparagement” that will lead to a pursuit of legal options.

Since June 2nd, when CarePoint touted a new deal with BMC Hospital LLC and HRH said they were ready to execute a $220 million land deal, the two sides have intermittently traded shots as the final chapter in this feud appears to be a long ways off.

Days later, CarePoint filed suit against HRH, and while they failed to get immediate temporary restraints, the matter is still pending and isn’t expected to go to trial until next year.

Shortly after the Hudson County Improvement Authority proceeded with eminent domain actions on each CarePoint facility, which includes Christ Hospital in Jersey City, HRH and BMC Hospital both went head hunting on their competition as they staked their claims as to why they’d be the best fit to run the hospital chain.

While Mayor Jimmy Davis has expressed a preference to see BMC Hospital LLC take over, HRH remains optimistic of their chances.

“… We are firmly committed to offering all current staff members – who are all heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic like their counterparts at Hudson Regional – employment on a go-forward basis, on similar terms that CarePoint is currently offering,” Kifaieh added.

“HRH, and on behalf of the residents of Bayonne, wishes to express our appreciation for all of the work done by Mayor Davis, as well as the other local politicians, as they continue to focus on the critical needs of the Bayonne community, and we look forward to their continued support while HRH continues to build out its acute-care network in Hudson County.”

Kifaieh also said that HRH is the only provider than can merge with the real estate owner to provide the stability and continuity Bayonne residents and BMC employees deserve.