Hudson GOP calls on local senators, Murphy to appoint deputy supt. of elections


The Hudson County Republican party is calling on their three local representatives in the state senate, along with Gov. Phil Murphy (D), to appoint a deputy superintendent of elections before November 3rd.

Hudson County Republican Party Chair Jose Arango. Facebook photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“The statute says that there needs to be a Republican in that office for partisan balance and fairness. If the shoe was the on the other foot, I would fully support a qualified Democrat to be in that office,” Hudson County GOP Chair Jose Arango said yesterday.

“Let’s come together and agree that as the Presidential election approaches that the best way to build confidence in the process is to make sure everyone gets fair representation.”

Arango also said he would be happy to meet with the senators and representatives from the governor’s office to expeditiously move forward a candidate.

“Let’s do the right thing for the people of Hudson County,” he added.

The Hudson County Clerk’s website still lists John Brzozowski as the deputy superintendent of elections/commissioner of registration as of Saturday afternoon.

Last month, Hudson County Board of Elections Commissioner Daniel Beckleman called for Murphy to impose embargoed ballot counts to expedite the general election results, which the governor ultimately allowed to some degree.


  1. This is going to be a rigged election hudson county is known for its corrrruption past and it has not changed much .i went to hand in my ballot in person in 257 Cornelius ave jc and i was harassed .intimidated .and was told by the security guard you either leave your ballot at the box or mail it .did not think the corruption got so bad that a security guard has the power to intimidate a us citizen and decided to take there voting right from them .that is what Dems do .i wish chris christi was still governor .very sad