Hudson County Young Democrats honor five ‘Women on the Move’


Five young women were honored by the Hudson County Young Democrats (HCYD) for their political activism and hard work throughout the county at Lido Restaurant on Tonnelle Avenue in North Bergen last night.


We interviewed all five honorees on camera to learn from them the significance of receiving the award and which issues drive their political passions.

Jessica Berrocal-Abdelnabbi, who is of Latino and Muslim origin, said she was thrilled to have received the award from HCYD and for the opportunity to have a say in the organization’s direction on an issue most important to her—voter registration.

“Voter apathy during the last presidential campaign worried me. But since after Donald Trump’s election, more community members such as college students at Hudson County Community College, Saint Peter’s University, New Jersey City University are now eager to be registered to vote,” said Berrocal-Abdelnabbi.

Natalia Novas, of West New York, told us that expanding educational opportunities for Hudson County residents is the issue that most rings true to her.

“I’m very active with the [North Hudson] Rotary Club and we are trying to rally more professionals in town to get involved in leadership and mentoring opportunities for our children,” Novas said.

Katie Brennan said that the evening’s theme, “Women on the Move,” was very befitting, especially with four days left in March, International Women’s Month.

“I really like the title of tonight’s event because it’s a reminder that no matter what your successes and failures, we women have to just keep moving forward,” Brennan noted.

Diana Gonzalez is the Millennial Outreach Director for the Democratic candidate for governor Phil Murphy. She was surprised when she learned she was being honored.

“I work so hard and always do my best; I don’t want accolades, but I want to give to the community and stand up for young women and make sure they know they can do anything,” Gonzalez said.

And Aimee Focaraccio, who concurred with Gonzalez that she doesn’t like the spotlight either, nonetheless was grateful to be honored by HCYD.

“I am very thankful for recognizing me and all the other honorees for the things we do whether behind the scenes or on the front lines, said Focaraccio.

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