Hudson County judge OK’s recount in 9 voting locations, could alter Bayonne BOE results


A Hudson County Superior Court judge has approved an order that effectively calls for a recount at nine polling locations, four of which are in Bayonne, meaning the results of their razor-thin board of education race could change.

A file photo of the Bayonne Board of Education from July 2017.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

The court order, signed by Judge Jefrey R. Jablonski yesterday, approved the voting machines in Ward 1 – District 5, Ward 1 – District 10, Ward 2 – District 15 and Ward 3 – District 19 to be opened to check their results.

Three of the four Bayonne BOE results decided on November 6th will more than likely stay in tact: Board President Joe Broderick and Jodi Casais appear to have decisively locked up two of the three, three-year terms up for grabs, while Michael Mulcahy won the one-year term by over 700 votes.

However, final tallies by the Hudson County Clerk’s Office show that the third, three-year seat is far less decisive: Trustee Ava Finnerty leads former School Business Administrator Leo Smith by 68 votes (3,531 to 3463).

While it looked as if Smith might eke out a victory over Finnerty at the end of Election Day, leading by 33 votes, Finnerty took the lead once provisional and vote-by-mail ballots were tallied.

Other areas that will face a recount are Districts 14 and 19 in Jersey City Ward E, District 9 and 24 in Ward F, as well as Ward 6 – District 3 in Union City.

Jersey City’s school board race ended in fairly definitive fashion, with the three candidates backed by the local teachers union coasting to the winner’s circle.

Meanwhile, Union City has an appointed school board and had no municipal races, so recounts in those districts will not have much at stake.

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