Hudson County Clerk’s Office updates website to allow polling, drop box location searches


The Hudson County Clerk’s Office has updated their website to allow polling and drop box location searches ahead of the July 7th primary election.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

The new mapping software has been made possible through a partnership between the clerk’s office has partnered with the Hudson County administration and their newly formed Office of Digital Information.

The information can be found under the “ELECTIONS” tab on, then click on “Find My Polling Location.” A polling location can then be identified by entering a zip code.

“This new feature is reflective of the investment to improve the Hudson County Clerk’s Office digital infrastructure which has paid significant dividends with the recent COVID-19 pandemic,” said County Clerk E. Junior Maldonado.

“This partnership has given us the confidence we need to make certain that, even in the most trying times, we can communicate with the public remotely.”

For more information please contact the Hudson County Clerk’s Office at 201-369-3470 or via email at