Hudson County Freeholders oppose Christie admin’s ExxonMobil settlement


At the Hudson County Board Of Chosen Freeholders meeting, Republican Gov. Chris Christie’s administration received criticism over the $225 million settlement on a long-standing environmental lawsuit against ExxonMobil Corporation.


For about a decade, the state of NJ was seeking 8.9 billion in damages.

Jersey City activist Riaz Wahid told the board that the settlement is not enough for the value of loss the ecosystems incurred.

“There are some sites that will be short-changed like Eagle Works in Jersey City,” said District 2 Freeholder Bill O’Dea.

“This is a quick money grab….I’m curious to see where that money goes when you have an incumbent who can’t run again for governor.”

It was a unanimous vote to amend the resolution.

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  1. What don’t the people & legislators not understand about constituent services!
    NJ voters R Chris Christie’s used to be constituents! Exxon Mobil R his current constituents, as in campaign contributions! Chris Christie is a “traitor” to NJ!
    Before he leaves elective office on his own—(He will never be Pres Chris Christie)—he shud be impeached or recalled or rendered (as in melted down!) whatever we can do to selfish, self serving bottom dwelling scum suckers like him.
    Truly a disgrace!