Hoboken will still test asymptomatic patients for COVID-19 despite new CDC guidelines


The City of Hoboken will still test asymptomatic patients for COVID-19, despite new guidelines from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control that say testing should be reserved for patients exhibiting symptoms.

Facebook photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“This is unequivocally not the policy in Hoboken. Asymptomatic spread is very real and remains a threat,” Mayor Ravi Bhalla tweeted on Thursday in response to a CNN story about the CDC’s latest switch on COVID-19 testing.

“If you’ve been exposed to anyone with COVID-19, our guidance in Hoboken remains the same whether you have symptoms or not – please get tested. It may end up saving lives.”

In a Friday Nixle alert, Bhalla reemphasized the city’s position, indicating that their testing protocols “remain unchanged from previous months.”

Democrats have expressed confusion and dismay with the CDC’s latest position on COVID-19 testing.

Northeast Govs. Phil Murphy, Andrew Cuomo, and Ned Lamont said this week that while the agency has been a “consistent, credible, and reliable guide” for this country for decades, that doesn’t explain this sudden reversal.

“This 180-degree reversal of COVID-19 testing guidelines is reckless, and not based on science and has the potential to do long-term damage to this institution’s reputation. CDC and HHS have not shared their rationale for this change in policy, which substitutes sound science-based information with the president’s misinformation,” the three governors said.

They continued that in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut they plan on continuing to follow the guidance health experts and do not plan on announcing any COVID-19 testing changes any time soon.

On a call with reporters, U.S. Assistant Secretary of Health Admiral Brett Giroir said that the White House had no involvement with the CDC’s decision, as ABC News reported.