Hoboken police, fire departments rescue man who fell into the Hudson River


The Hoboken Police and Fire Departments worked together to help rescue a Jersey City man who into the Hudson River while trying to retrieve a soccer ball, authorities said.

Photo via Google Maps.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Shortly after 720 p.m. yesterday, Dets. Luis Rodriguez and Bret Globke were dispatched to Sinatra Park on the report of a person in the Hudson River. Upon arriving, they were directed to walkway east of the soccer field along river, according to Det. Sgt. Jonathan Mecka.

At this time, a crowd was already huddled around the area where the man fell in. While Globke attempted to locate the man, Det. Sgt. William Collins and Rodriguez retrieved their water bag.

The water bag is a piece of equipment that has a rope attached and is thrown to the person in the water so they can grab it and get pulled to safety.

As more units arrived, Sgt. Luke Zeszotarski and Officer William Bullock began to set a perimeter in an effort to control the growing crowd and provide space to the detectives.

According to a witness, the man, a 24-year-old from Jersey City, fell in the river while attempting to retrieve a soccer ball. The witness pointed out the exact spot then said that he was swept under the walkway.

The officers advised that he could not be seen from the walkway and they feared he was stuck beneath it. Ultimately, the water bag was deployed under the walkway and he was able to grab the bag.

He was then pulled to the boat ramp located in front of Blue Eyes restaurant where the Hoboken Fire Department assisted him out of the water.

The man stated he swallowed a lot of water and had no other complaints. As a precaution, he was transported to a local hospital where his was later released, authorities said.