Hoboken police chief touts 16.4% drop in violent crime in 2020, non-violent crimes rose 14.6%


Hoboken Police Chief Kenneth Ferrante is touting a 16.4 percent drop in overall violent crime in 2020, despite the first homicide in three years, with non-violent crimes seeing a 14.6 percent uptick in the Mile Square City.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“The positive news is the major decrease in violent crime (down 16.4%), helped by the 20.6% decrease in aggravated assaults,” the chief said in an email to reporters this afternoon.

“The property crimes and non-violent crimes increased by 14.6%. Those numbers could be attributed to unemployment, the pandemic’s economic issues, shop liftings, package thefts, and the fact that most of these property crimes, including burglary had the offenders charged on summonses and many of the cases have not been brought to courtrooms yet due to the pandemic, so there are high rates of recidivism.”

The homicide occurred on August 7th, where Marquise Davis, 26, of Willingboro was fatally shot by Tahjae McDougald, 22, also of Willingboro, at 300 Grand St. in Hoboken, according to the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office.

A stat sheet released by the chief’s office compares 2020 to 2019, with the number of rape cases remaining the same at two, robberies dropping slightly from 14 to 13, burglaries up 38.3 percent, larceny rising by 13 percent, and motor vehicle thefts up 19.3 percent.

Motor vehicle thefts weren’t particularly high in either year though, with 31 in 2019 versus 37 in 2020.

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