Hoboken hospital evacuating non-emergency room patients due to water main break


The Hoboken University Medical Center is evacuating non-emergency room patients due to yesterday’s 16-inch water main break that is expected to leave residents and businesses without water into Wednesday.

The Hoboken Unviersity Medial Center. Photo via Google Maps.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Although there is currently no threat to life or safety within the hospital, the hospital administration has decided to proceed with the evacuation plan as the situation evolves. The Emergency Room remains open for life-threatening issues, but the hospital will remain on EMS diversion until water is restored,” the hospital said in a statement minutes ago.

“The evacuation plan has been put in place to ensure that patients and staff are kept safe and that the hospital is prepared for any possible contingencies. The hospital is working closely with local emergency responders and other healthcare facilities in the area to coordinate patient transfers and ensure continuity of care.”

CarePoint Health spokeswoman Shannon Brennan indicated that their other two hospital, Christ Hospital in Jersey City and the Bayonne Medical Center will be utilized, as well as the Jersey City Medical Center for patients in labor.

“Some patients have been transferred already, including a mother in labor and patients in need of dialysis,” she replied to an inquiry from HCV.

The break occurred when a contractor for PSE&G was doing work near the Jersey City and Hoboken border yesterday and that water disruption will likely continue into tomorrow morning, Mayor Ravi Bhalla said in a Nixle alert.

As a result, municipal buildings and schools were closed today, with 17 locations for “water buffalo stations established, along wth 14 spots for porta johns.

Bhalla also wrote that water service disruption is expected tonight into Wednesday morning and warned that the latest repair efforts could leave residents with low or no water pressure throughout this evening.

“Having just been on scene, Veolia has altered water flow to the region to continue attempting to isolate the water main break. The amount of water has been reduced from the ground, and we are hopeful that this will prove to be successful,” he wrote on Twitter.

“At the same time, Veolia continues to advise that residents will likely be with low or no water pressure throughout the night, unless significant progress is made in the next several hours in affirmatively isolating the main, which has not yet occurred.”

Veolia tweeted at 5:27 p.m. that the ruptured water main had been isolated and water pressure was beginning to stabilize.


Editor’s note: This story was updated with new information. 

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