Hoboken Council President Giattino announces re-election, kickoff set for July 22nd


Hoboken Council President Jen Giattino has formally announced that she will seek re-election this fall, with a campaign kickoff event set for two weeks from today.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Serving the people of Hoboken as a member of the City Council is a responsibility I take very seriously, because the people of our community deserve nothing less than a true advocate who will always do whatever she can to deliver for residents,” Giattino, who represents the 6th Ward, said in a statement.

“My neighbors know me as a leader they can trust and count on to provide assistance whenever it’s needed, and also as someone who can make the tough decisions on what’s best for our city without bowing to political pressure. I look forward to walking door to door and connecting with friends and neighbors and building towards a victory in November.”

Jen Giattino was elected to the council in 2011 and has since been voted council president by her peers four times.

She partnered with former Mayor Dawn Zimmer on numerous initiatives, such as passing the Rebuild by Design resiliency plan after Hurricane Sandy to instituting a stronger ethics code for city officials to creating new open space like South West Park and Northwest Resiliency Park(BASF).

Aside from providing a focus on constituent services, Giattino notes she has focused on improving quality of life issues and protecting the neighborhood feel that makes Hoboken so special.

Recently, she has worked to reduce homelessness in Hoboken, ensure that local nonprofits are able to continue operating and fixing a loophole in the city’s rent control law to protect tenants.

Furthermore, Giattino has recently advocated to add the Union Dry Dock location to the open space plan since 2012, supported zoning changes to preserve the historic character of the community, added loading zones to neighborhoods and brought necessary upgrades to city parks – including $250,000 for dog park upgrades.

She will host her campaign kickoff event at Moran’s Pub, located at 501 Garden St., on Monday July 22nd, at 6 pm.

Currently, she will face at least one challenger in Cristen Cricco-Powell, who is running on a five-person slate backed by Mayor Ravi Bhalla.

Out of the 6 Ward council members in Hoboken, only 3rd Ward Councilman Mike Russo and 5th Ward Councilman Peter Cunningham have not announced re-election bids yet, but both are expected to do so long before the September filing deadline.

As of this writing, Bhalla’s team does not have a candidate challenging Russo for his seat.

The Hoboken municipal elections, which are non-partisan, are on November 5th.

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  1. Welcome to the race! I hope you can explain how that $1,250 legal opinion from Nick Sacco’s lawyer which you introduced in April 2018 at the Hoboken City Council (to support proposed changes to municipal law) was buried on your 2015 ELEC report as an “in-kind contribution.”

    More succinctly, do you believe that using a political contribution to change municipal law is legal and ethical?


      • Jen hired Vision Media? Now that’s interesting. Same people Defusco and Ramos hired. Has Tiffanie hired them too?

        Phil is too smart to go after bloggers (he’s no Finboy), but I’ll ask him about that field day. Thanks for the tip, Tony. Or is it Roman? No matter. Two sides of the same bad penny. Why don’t you comment here under your names?

        • Oh no… it’s just that they way you “ bash” MD, if you think he’s gonna take it you are wrong- you have big problems if you keep hurting people. You’ll have to answer to your maker someday

          You’ll be the one in the fire
          Not MD

          Ravis slate is a joke
          Dawn would have never picked a Russo team like this

          • Please clarify.

            (1) Has Jen hired Vision Media?

            (2) You are claiming that Vision Media will give me “big problems” and “put me in the fire” for critical political commentary on their clients?

            Thank you.

      • Since when are you a fan of Vision Media?

        Since when is pointing out ELEC irregularities backstabbing?

        Since when is accepting financial favors from Nick Sacco a good idea for Hoboken elected officials?

        Can you address any of the above without resorting to childish personal insults?

    • 2018 elec, just like when the in-kind was received. Not buried at all.

      Such a piece of excrement you are and EVERYBODY KNOWS IT.

      Your stench is all over the mayor’s slate. Amazing that the incumbents and their supporters were respectful to his completely inexperienced crew and you head over here and dump your vomit of lies.

      Lists of words adjectives that describe GA:

      fecal matter, noxious, repugnant, manure, revolting, repulsive, despicable,

      • Incorrect. The $1, 250 in-kind contribution of legal work performed in April 2018 by Nick Sacco’s North Bergen lawyer was reported on “Jen Giattino for City Council”, election date November 3, 2015. If those facts aren’t clear, I’ll post the full report. And if it’s not clear that this entry was buried, I will post the full list of 2015 filings, and you will see that four almost-identical reports were filed on the same day-but only one (at the bottom) reported the in-kind donation. If that’s not “buried” well, a matter of opinion.

        As for the litany of insults, ho-hum. Sticks and stones. Why don’t comment under your name, Roman?

        • People like Jen
          They don’t like you Nancy

          You’re a weirdo who is freakishly obsessed with Tiffany and Jen

          Jealous of attractive women who have full lives?

    • Nancy’s ugliness is the best promotion an outstanding community leader like Jen Giattino can have. She wrote many times how great she is and her selflessness to Hoboken. Now she’s part of Ravi’s goon squad and has to clamor over a flea while covering up how her political boss stole thousands of dollars from an employee. After eight years of outstanding work for Hoboken, this is all Ravi and his ghoulies can come up with.

      The NJ Supreme Court had to step in and literally order Ravi to give the guy back his money. If Hoboken knew about it a little sooner, we’d be spared another Cammarano and worse.

      Jen Giattino makes Hoboken and its residents her top priority not ripping people off. She has a great record of service on and off the council. Ravi is jealous. His record is tainted forever so he must send out his paid goons to try and destroy her to end oversight and decency on the council.

      No way. Jen Giattino will get my vote in the sixth in November. She deserves it.

      • Giattino failed to win the majority votes of her own Ward when she unsuccessfully attempted to run for mayor These are the people who supposedly know her and her record best

        That says a lot.

    • So your position is that Councilwoman Giattino spoke to a municipal lawyer who considered being in an adverse role to a sitting mayor (can’t imagine there were that many to choose from), to get a legal opinion on an important matter to her and to Hoboken and that lawyer said he would consider it an in-kind contribution to her. She went above and beyond to fight for this important issue in the face of a mayor who was being politically vindictive? I’m sorry, remind us again the point you are trying to make?

      I am sure you were saving this little gem for the day she announced just to try to ruin her day because that is how terrible of a human being you have become. The good news is this is a non-story filled with baseless accusations that only about 2 people will even know about let alone care about and even better is that is all you can possible come up with about her. Giattino didn’t do anything to you except not support the Mayor in the last election. A Mayor who is no less corrupt than any before him. You should be ashamed of yourself GA. I dont know how you even look at yourself in the mirror.

      • Nice try to make the messenger the story. I’m not the story.

        These facts have been in the public domain for over one year, the subject of an OPRA request which Giattino rejected citing “attorney-client privilege” and published online. Now, it’s clear that there was no privilege because in November 2018 she reported the opinion as an “in-kind” political contribution in her 2015 council account.

        I am simply asking if the Councilwoman believes that using a political contribution to change municipal law is legal and ethical?

        OLD POSTS- 2018

        NEW POST- 2019

        • As an attorney, I’ll answer your question. Yes, it is legal and appropriate to discuss proposed changes to a city’s municipal code with an attorney. Not seeking legal advise would be the thing that would be inappropriate. Although your question doesn’t make sense because councilwoman was not using a political contribution to change the law. She was using her powers as an elected representative to propose an ordinance and vote on that ordinance. In order to ensure that the proposal was legal and defensible, she sought legal advise. I’m not sure what could be more appropriate than a council representative doing their due diligence prior to proposing new legislation.

          I’m wondering if your articulated concerns are some kind of joke because you can’t be serious.

          • Thank you, Counsel. But you have misstated the material facts. The material facts are:

            (1) Councilwoman (Giattino) solicited a legal opinion on a proposed ordinance change to transfer rent leveling board appointment powers, in part, from the mayor to the counsel. Corporation Counsel written an opinion that the proposed legislation was not viable.

            (2) Councilwoman Giattino introduced her legal opinion at the meeting, and when asked who paid, she said- in public- “I didn’t pay for it.”

            (3) Councilwoman Giattino did not state then that the free legal work was either an “in-kind political contribution” or a “gift” or that she would be paying the bill from private, not public, funds.

            (4) Councilpersons cannot, by law, accept gifts in excess of $25.

            (5) Corporation Council noted that the process for seeking outside council (as an alternative to corporation counsel) would be to make a motion first. If the motion were approved, the outside counsel’s opinion would be paid with public money.

            (6) My efforts to investigate the “gift” of legal services by OPRA was unsuccessful, Councilwoman Giattino claimed “attorney-client privilege” though she had solicited the outside counsel opinion in her capacity as City Councilwoman not as her personal attorney.

            7) The outside counsel’s opinion appeared as an “in-kind” political donation with a value of $1,250 on a report filed in Giattinos 2015 council account.

            So, my question is whether a legislator can use a political contribution from a political donor to change a municipal ordinance?

            Thank you for your time, “counsel.”

    • Does “CCP” approve of this kind of “sportsmanship”?
      Attacking a candidate on their announcement aright out of the gate is Nancy. Where was CCP and her slate when Nancy had the moral support, the back up materials and in some minor way financial during the case the Bajardi’s hit her with?
      Free Speech is what her former friends supported, Nancy has take free speech to new lows.
      Just like Lane and Perry, Nancy leaks and guesses screen names ( incorrectly ) mocks their appearances and gender but unlike Lane, there’s black and white proof she got paid to do political work.
      Nancy is indeed repugnant.
      Now she’ll go run to LindaStan, John Allen and VJ to complain and they will encourage her more.
      Nancy they are using you, but you’re too nutso to realize it!

      • They are fair questions politely asked. You seem to have a real problem with it. Why are you afraid of fair questions being asked of candidates you support?

        • They actually aren’t fair questions at all. They are false accusations in the form of a question. Why not ask it like this: Councilwoman Giattino, why did you feel the need to reach out to an outside lawyer on the issue of appointments to the rent stabilization board? How did you find your lawyer? Those are fair questions. Outside Council says it best above: there isnt anything illegal or unethical about a council member seeking legal input on an important issue. As a matter of fact its admirable that an elected representative would go so far for Hoboken. Using your logic, what do you think the council should do if they ever thought what was being proposed by the Mayor was illegal? Just vote yes? Not question it? Not seek advice on the right path forward? C’mon Nancy. I would say you can do better than that based upon your long ago history. But your recent actions suggest you can’t. You no longer have any common decency, and because your positions are so far fetched thankfully the public no longer takes you seriously. If I were any of the team bhalla candidates I would do everything to distance myself from you because you are making all of them look negative, divisive and terrible.

    • I’m not going to Nancy’s garbage site. She can make as much human turds for the public as she likes and I won’t support her endless fabrications against good people serving Hoboken.

    • Nancy, feel free to accuse, lie and knowingly spread false information on identities at your own risk.
      Cute series of screen names on Twitter
      Oh and nice nasty innuendos too.

      Noted and filed and will be making an appearance off the web I’m sure

      • Dear “Notes and Reported,”

        Thank you for your allegation of “knowingly spreading false information on identities.” As you know from the Bajardi case, there is nothing actionable in guessing IDs (as you just did by assuming I have more than one Twitter ID, which I do not), because they are unverifiable. Now, I have a reasonable basis for my opinion and belief, and do not make reckless assertions, such as “cute series of screen names on Twitter.”

        You know, this is all so 2010. So Barracato. Why are you living in the past? Why don’t you post under your name?

        So thank you for your time and attention. And please shove your notes, and your flaccid threats, up someplace where the sun don’t shine.

  2. If these posts reflect how Councilwoman Giattino will respond to questions and criticisms in this election, that will strongly reinforce the growing body of evidence that she has irretrievably lost her way.

    GA poses a legitimate question. While I don’t know the answer to the question of whether this was a legally permitted use of campaign funds, it is extremely troubling that the Councilwoman used this legal opinion at a city council meeting for official city business without disclosing it’s political nature.

    A legal opinion provided as a political contribution is on its face not objective – it’s political advocacy and it basically confirms that the Giattino considered her attempt to change Hoboken law to keep her cronies on tbe rent leveling board was both her mind and that of the lawyer who “donated” the opinion to her campaign – driven purely by politics.

    • Gimme a break. It’s not a legitimate question. It’s a false flag. But you knew that.

      And why are the Bhalla people attacking Giattino? Did she attack Cricco-Powell when she announced? No. Is Cricco-Powell among the annon comments on this thread?

      Now there’s a legitimate question. Is Cricco-Powell participating in the immediate attack on an announcement is a legitimate question. I don’t want any council member that would behave like that. Elected officials are supposed to represent everyone. When you get a chance could you let the mayor know that.

  3. Does she serve the people of Hoboken, or does she now serve the Sacco machine? “Free” legal advice doesn’t come without a cost. What does she owe Sacco and his crew to repay now? Is that repayment going to be a positive for Hoboken. Something about that causes me some doubt that she will always have Hoboken’s interests as her primary goal. That’s the problem with secret buried deals–they make you look shady.

    What could be more reform-y than using her Sacco connections to try influencing Hoboken laws, and then trying to quietly bury it? Shhh, Jen and Tiff and Mike are the true reformers indeed, pure as the driven snow. Definitely the bold kind of Sacco sycophants that I want on my council.

      • Sacco bought what counts, Ravi Bhalla’s silence on the power plant. Ravi keeps his mouth shut and looks to score legal contracts. Scam!

    • Ravi bowed down to the altar of Sacco at his ball. Don’t you Ravi paid political operatives get some kind of memo before you go off like lunatic jerks against good people who serve Hoboken?

      Apparently not.

      • Sacco is a very bad guy . That is why when he came into Hoboken to back DeFusco and now Giattino people rightfully feel he must be getting something in return from his Hoboken Councilpersons. What will Sacco’s support cost Hoboken residents ?

    • You have no problem Ravi Bhalla serves the Hudson County Machine? So why is one small opinion the end of the world? Oh, the hypocrisy of Nancy and Ravi’s fat and overpaid operatives in the mayor’s office is neverending. Can’t Hoboken get rid of any of these ghouls?

    • I think the answer to the question who does she serve, is obvious: She serves the people of Hoboken.

      By the way, that legal opinion WAS in the interest of the people of Hoboken.

  4. It doesn’t appear that anyone supporting or working for (?) Councilwoman Giattino is capable of responding to valid criticism in an adult let alone constructive way. It’s not one or two, it’s all. Bad start, Councilwoman.

  5. Jen’s supporters absolutely destroyed Jen’s announcement. With friends like these, she won’t need enemies. Hopefully lesson learned and they try to conduct themselves in ways that help their candidate and show a willingness to engage in a more constructive way and answer reasonable questions.

  6. Nancy gloating to others how she “ ruined” Jens announcement
    Nice try Nancy
    You don’t ruin anything except your own sad sad dark life and the innocent people close to you and those who cares about you no longer do.
    You are sad sad GA

    • False. I have been covering this story since March 2018. In fact, I will be posting the whole chronology shortly. I understand that you have chosen the path of political corruption, which is what is really sad. I, on the other hand, expect honesty and transparency from elected officials. Converting “freebies” into political donations– freebies that in fact passed Ordinance B-10– is a story.

      Don’t cover it, cover up. And attack the messenger with childish personal insults, and flaccid legal threats or intimidation (“vision Media will have a field day with you”.) They don’t bother me. I am not going to return fire.

    • No, YOU personally ruined Jen’s announcement. YOU. People asking questions don’t do that. The announcement was ruined by her supporters. Critics don’t make you look bad. They’re critics. It’s supporters who are completely off the rails that make you look bad. Because they send the message that those are the kinds of people you attract. People who are terrified of simple questions and can only answer with childish insults. People who met the Councilwoman for the first time here met someone whose supporters are not very intelligent, paranoid and rude. That’s on you. A critic can’t do that. Only a supporter.

      • ^^^ Nasty Pinkers AKA “GeeAye” “GA” and 1000’s of screen names and vicious derogatory remarks, hateful graphics and condemnations … the most miserable human in Hoboken. Just ask her neighbors. We live with it daily.

  7. Note to crazy people:

    If your goal in posting here is to demonstrate that you are truly crazy, and to embarrass both yourselves and the City of Hoboken, you have succeeded so there is no need to continue the demonstration.

    If you have any other objective you are failing miserably so you might want to consider a change in tactics.

    • You ain’t crazy… 60 year old retired millionaire and you come on here solely to defend Ravi who crapped all over your wife’s legacy … and you with your Carmelo Lunch

      Crazy is better than corrupt

      • Take a deep breath and try to focus. Then read through the posts on this thread and consider how crazy you sound. I am sure you still have the ability to do that.

        I apologize for flippantly calling you a crazy person – I would never have done that if I thought you were genuinely suffering from mental illness. But your posts certainly do make you seem crazy.

        It’s OK that you hate Ravi and support his political opponents, including folks like Ramos and DeFusco who you used to adamantly oppose. Its OK if you don’t like Dawn or me.
        Everyone is entitled to have and to share their own point of view even if it’s not consistent over time or grounded in reality.

        You can disagree with Ravi, or me or GA or anyone else and say so in no uncertain terms.

        But your descent into the lunacy reflected in your posts here seems indicative of a mind that has become a bit unhinged.

        Take the time to reflect on how you have chosen to present yourself and consider whether that is really how you want to be perceived going forward.

        Reputations are not boomerangs. Once lost, they don’t return on their own. But with a little self awareness and effort you could go a long way to getting back at least some of the respect you gave squandered.

  8. What a sad bunch of clowns, defending the oh-so-lovely Jen. The same Jen that does absolutely nothing in the light of day, and spends her time plotting and weaseling without any positive movement for the city. Never a single coherent explanation for anything she has done, or why her entire term has been spent trying to amass power and give out political favors.

    What a disgusting bunch of misanthropes.

  9. Is the miserable little fella on here too? I thought he moved to team MDF in order to get real estate listings from those developers MDF cozies up to? Or the giant A-hole sidekick of his – is he yelling at himself incoherently like an unstable vagrant? That’s Team JenTifFusco all present.

  10. She lost every district in her ward to Bhalla last time she was on the ballot. Let’s see how this race works out.

    Good luck to everyone running and may the best person win.