Hoboken City Council adopts amended North End Redevelopment Plan


The Hoboken City Council adopted the amended North End Redevelopment Plan at last night’s four-and-a-half hour meeting by a tally of 8-0(1), with 1st Ward Councilman Mike DeFusco abstaining.

Photo courtesy of the City of Hoboken.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

The North End Redevelopment Plan was originally introduced to the Hoboken council for consideration on January 27th.

After input from residents, the plan was amended to include a protected bike lane on 15th Street, a requirement for the linear park in the plan to be open 24 hours a day without barriers to access, incorporation of Vision Zero improvements on Park Avenue and Willow Avenues within the North End, greater pedestrian connectivity between Hoboken and Weehawken, a requirement that utilities be built underground, and more.

“I’m pleased that the revitalization of Hoboken’s industrial North End took a major step forward thanks to the adoption of the redevelopment plan last night,” Mayor Ravi Bhalla said in a statement.

“My administration is committed to preserving the right balance of residential and commercial development that maintains the charm and character of our City, while also prioritizing critical community benefits such as a new light rail station at 15th Street, public open space, building on our city-wide green circuit, greater affordable housing options, and more.”

He also thanked the council for moving the project forward.

The plan certainly still had it’s critics though, including members of the Fund for a Better Waterfront, who reiterated what was said in an editorial published on Saturday: that the plan’s “massive building footprints” would likely prevent the linear park from being built.

“For four months, we lived at 1414 Grand St., inside the area considered for redevelopment. So I’m familiar with the linear park space being proposed in this plan … it’s as if the consultant decided the plan should focus on the dense high-rise residential buildings and commercial space,” explained Richard Weinstein.

” … it seems that they thought ‘how can we insert a part that meets minimal requirements of the development and master plan’s, while ensuring that we can maximize the number of buildings on which we can make a profit.”

The plan, which impacts 30 acres of land in the 5th Ward and has about 3.5 acres designated for the park, received high marks from Councilman Phil Cohen.

“The North End Redevelopment Plan represents an important step forward in the transformation of Hoboken’s industrial northwest into a holistic part of our present-day community,” he said this morning.

“This well-conceived plan for a resilient neighborhood will integrate 30 acres of our City into the 5th Ward in a way that reflects and serves our special, vibrant community – a place for families, commerce, the arts, and parks. I look forward to moving forward on this Plan with the continued guidance of my neighbors and constituents in Northwest Hoboken.”

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  1. What’s the deal with DeFusco abstaining? Did he have some kind of conflict or could he just not make up his mind? At a minimum I hope he explained his reasoning.

  2. Shouldn’t the Bhalla team abstain on anything in the redevelopment area by 800 Jackson – after taking more than 1 donation from a property owner in a redevelopment zone ?

  3. It’s so sad when former residents can’t move beyond the past, kinda like a High School football hero that’s now living in a trailer, 300lbs and still dreaming of his past…

    • so why don’t you answer the questions, then? why was mike too scared to take a position? did his PR handlers forget to tell him what to do? we elected him to make stuff happen, not cop out and abstain. WTF, do your job.

      • Perhaps he’s not caving to ONE Condo association that has used owners funds and association money to buy access from politicians through campaign donations to politicians in power at City Hall?

        • LOL, huh? That makes no sense, why be so mysterious? If you’ve got some sort of inside scoop, then spit it out. Name some names. Who are you accusing? C’mon, tell us. BS.

          And even if by some miracle that is true (not likely), what does that have to do with Mike being too scared to take a position? We don’t elect council people to be big cop-outs and abstain. Why can’t he do his job?

    • Why deflect with some lame whataboutism? Answer the question: why is Mike too scared to take a position? We don’t elect council people to be big cop-outs and abstain. Why can’t he do his job? C’mon.