Hoboken Business Alliance announces new executive director and district manager


The Hoboken Business Alliance announced a new executive director and district manager earlier today, tapping Steven Welliver and Natalie Chape to fill those respective roles.

New Hoboken Business Alliance Executive Director Steven Welliver. Photo via schwarzenegger.usc.edu.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Hoboken’s strong sense of community and unique mix of urban character with small town charm makes an incredible foundation for growth. I am excited to partner with Hoboken’s commercial property and business owners and community leaders to help revitalize Hoboken’s local economy,” Welliver said in a statement.

Welliver is relocating to Hoboken from Los Angeles, where he has worked for the Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. business improvement district since 2013, most recently serving as deputy chief executive.

He takes the management reigns at HBA from Stuart Kopperweis who, through his firm Economic Development Strategists, helped establish the HBA and manage it during its first two years in operation.

As for Chape, she started her work consulting for the HBA in 2018 with Economic Development Strategists.

She was instrumental in the HBA’s formation process, which led to its inception in 2020, and has provided district management services to the HBA ever since.

The HBA hired Cleveland-based executive recruiting firm Waverly Partners in the Spring of 2021 to conduct a nationwide search for an executive director.

Waverly is a leading search firm for top positions in the areas of Economic Development Organizations and Chambers of Commerce, and is the only firm to receive the distinction as preferred provider of executive search services to the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives.

“The HBA was founded on the basic principles of creating organized advocacy for our local commercial property and business owners, and to invest in and grow Hoboken’s economy,” added HBA President Gregory Dell’Aquila.

“After two successful, foundational years putting the building blocks in place and supporting our businesses through the challenges of operating during a pandemic, bringing Steven and Natalie on board now puts us on a path for great successes.”

He also thanked Kopperweis for all he has done for the organization.

“We wanted to find the best person who would bring the right experience and energy to take Hoboken’s local economy to the next level,” further stated Hoboken 2nd Ward Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher, an HBA founding board member and chair of the search Committee.

“Steven stood out from the crowd of experienced candidates that Waverly sourced; he brings the exact experience Hoboken needs. I am thrilled for what the HBA’s next chapter will be under Steven’s direction.”

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  1. Interesting, welcome. Although this article doesn’t say what this organization actually does. “The HBA was founded on the basic principles of creating organized advocacy for our local commercial property and business owners, and to invest in and grow Hoboken’s economy” is pretty vague, I’d love to know some specifics on tap for 2022.

    • You live in fantasyland, dude. I asked a simple question, and tbh don’t even really care that much about the answer to do a search. But thanks for making up this fantasy about…me and a former mayor and her giving me a job, or something.

      • It’s just Bhalla people, supporters or job securers, throwing tantrums and stones at people for no reason. They are soooo tiresome. There was a recent election and one candidate was a housing activist. They hate her but the people in the HHA voted for her and that causes another tantrum from the Bhalla creeps. It’s just Hoboken.

        • she and the rest of the ticket lost by an over 2-1 margin to the lowest winning vote-getter. there’s no more point in being mad at her than there is in being mad at a crushingly boring tv show that you don’t have to watch. i guess you still have to watch for some reason. you have our pity.