Hoboken assistant administrator Wherry leaving City Hall for BA post in Waldwick


Hoboken Assistant Business Administrator Patrick Wherry is leaving City Hall to take over as BA in the Borough of Waldwick.

Patrick Wherry. Photo via LinkedIn.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“I thank Patrick for his numerous contributions to Hoboken during his nearly three years of service,” Mayor Ravi Bhalla said in a statement. “He’s served as a valuable resource for our community and played a large role in overseeing some of our major quality of life initiatives and operations.”

“Above all else, Patrick is well respected among his peers and has the admiration of many of our elected officials. I wish him nothing but the best in his future public service.”

Wherry, who began working in Hoboken in April 2016, will be parting ways with the city after February 22nd.

“Patrick has been a tremendous asset in keeping our City well run,” added Business Administrator Stephen Marks.

“He stepped into a challenging position three years ago but excelled at every task given to him. I thank him for his friendship and commitment to the residents of Hoboken.”


    • we get it. it’s very hard for you as a basement dwelling keyboard warrior to comprehend what it’s like to have a career and to make decisions about opportunities, where you want to live and raise a family and what role you want to have.

    • Must have killed ya that you couldn’t control him… He’s no puppet.
      Like the rest of your pals, when are you leaving town, unlike the rest of ya! Shadow once you finally leave, may you find a life beyond Hoboken rather than dialing in from other cities and states…Brings to question why an ex elected official from Hoboken was looking at apartments outside of Hoboken… Hmmmmm

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