Hoboken adding two new buses to their free HOP service during peak commuter hours


Starting next month, the City of Hoboken is adding two new buses to their free HOP service during peak commuter hours in the morning and evening.

Photo courtesy of the CIty of Hoboken.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

During the first phase beginning on March 2nd, the blue HOP will have a second bus on weekdays between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m.

In the coming weeks, the second phase will also includes an additional bus on the Green HOP during the evenings between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m.

The new HOP buses will be added to the routes displayed in the new mobile application, “Passio Go,” which shows the locations of each bus and the routes in real time on a map.

In 2019, the HOP bus service had record ridership with over 223,000 trips taken compared to 173,000 from a year before, reflecting nearly a 30 percent increase.

This came after Hoboken began using parking revenues to make all HOP rides free of charge to the public, starting in March 2019, to encourage the use of the shared mobility option.

“Our HOP bus service provides a critical first-mile, last-mile transportation option for our residents, and I’m very pleased that we are expanding the service during peak periods,” Mayor Ravi Bhalla said in a statement.

“More residents utilizing the HOP provides an additional convenience, cost savings for those who need it, improves access and mobility in areas least served by public transit, and reduces our city’s carbon emissions. I encourage everyone to utilize this free option to connect to transit hubs, visit our local businesses, and travel around our city.”

Expanding alternative and shared transportation options is a component of Hoboken’s Climate Action Plan to reduce carbon emissions and exceed the goals of the Paris Agreement by 2050.

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  1. More free stuff to win votes- You’d think there was a 14 million surplus
    As they attempt to fire 48 employee including the rent protection office staff “Ravi and the uptowners” Continue the free stuff spending spree

    • The focus of the expanded HOP service is actually downtown, for the seniors. Those people vote and Ravi needs their votes or he is out of a job. The big tax increase is coming but in the end, it’s all about Ravi.