Hoboken 3rd Ward Councilman Mike Russo backs Team Bhalla in municipal races


Hoboken 3rd Ward Councilman Mike Russo is backing Mayor Ravi Bhalla and his council-at-large slate in the non-partisan November 2nd municipal elections.

Photo courtesy of 3rd Ward Councilman Mike Russo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

” … As election day fast approaches, I’m glad to lend my full support to Mayor Ravi Bhalla and his Council team: Jim Doyle, Joe Quintero, and Emily Jabbour,” Russo, who had briefly considered challenging Bhalla, said in an email blast yesterday.

“The pandemic has tested Hoboken residents in ways that we’ve never experienced in our lifetime. But throughout it all – Mayor Bhalla, along with his team in Emily and Jim, worked around the clock to ensure that Hoboken shut down to stem the spread of the virus – a decision that led the rest of the country into taking the pandemic seriously.”

Jabbour tweeted her thanks for the endorsement last night.

“Part of being an effective leader is working across the community to build consensus for a better #Hoboken. I appreciate Councilman @MichaelRussoNJ’s support & recognition of all that we have been able to accomplish together. #TeamBhalla.”

While Bhalla is running unopposed, there are 10 council-at-large candidates seeking three seat and early voting is available at City Hall through Halloween.

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  1. This is a smack in the face to all the Hoboken residents with the election approaching quickly the mayor and his slate gets even more desperate as giving bribes and pay to play wasn’t enough they continue to praise Ravi but Hoboken City Hall remains close and the residents can’t hold him accountable for all his unethical behavior and have them continue to talk about who took action during Covid 19 Pandemic I was the first on the spot every day every where in Hoboken but the won’t acknowledge that’s what Patricia Waiters do real Consituent’s services I don’t have to take a serious situation like Covid 19 and use it for political rewards and personal gain not withstanding running around town photo opting taking pictures like they real care this is so deceiving please Hoboken don’t be fooled by this ticket that refuse to serve the entire city and continue to avoid the need for diversity by keeping the years and years of bigotry trapped in their hearts and YES THEIR ACTIONS SAY IT WELL AFTER EVERY ELECTION PLEASE VOTE THEM OUT!

  2. The Ravi-Russo Alliance, full throttle!! All those fools who denied it are now looking like utter morons. Which of course the Ravi ops, despite their Ravi-Russo Alliance denials prove they are.

    Should Ravi get his way in the City Council races, Michael Russo, the defacto living legend for Hoboken’s Culture of Corruption will be calling the shots! Ravi may have already cut a deal to make Michael Russo the City Council President!

    Jim Doyle, you have a lot of explaining to do!! Emily, you know so little about Hoboken and its corruption. Now you both are in bed with it!

      • Wasn’t it HobokenHorse who called the Ravi Russo alliance a while back? Here is Ravi and Russo buddying up in a photo with Jim Doyle of all people endorsing it. Why isn’t Nancy Stinkus, LindaStan, Shipyard Cat, and Bleepjay defending this Team Corruption Utd against Hoboken? Suddenly, they have nothing to say about Ravi and Russo jumping into bed together.

        What seemed more possible: that Ravi and Russo would become bedmates or the Ravi Terror Flier was an inside job? We’re way beyond possibilities.

          • Nice try Nancy but you tried and failed with dumb lies already. The only paid political operative is you. Live with it. He was right about the Ravi-Russo team and you’ve become what you claimed to fight. Kneel before Mikey.

          • Nancy The Stink for (Ravi & Russo) us, supporting corruption. All the lying and denials are kaput. Maybe she should stick to being a shut-in and eating another donut. Far more graceful.

          • Nancy is it true you will finally get a job working for Michael Russo in the Parking Authority? Do you think that’s fair payment for supporting the Ravi Russo deal?

        • @SaveHoboken. Not sure why you’re even uttering my name in your ridiculous rants. Anyone that doesn’t think Councilwomen Giattino and Fisher walk on water automatically must be a paid operative? That no one in this town besides yourself tells the truth? Give me a break.

          Here’s some truth. I’ve living in Hoboken for nearly 20 years and a second ward resident that has seen Councilwoman Fisher spend more time trying to “get” the Administration than actually helping the residents in her community. The Administration isn’t perfect but sure as hell better than the alternative.

          Now please, get my pretty name out of your mouth ::meow::

          • He’s really lost the plot these last few days, even more so than usual. Impossible have any normal adult conversation with him, gets all worked up into a frenzy. Here and on other threads, he’s going ballistic with weird sexist/libelous insults directed at someone named Nancy, whoever she is.

            He’s almost scary, with his phony MAGA gun nut posturing, but luckily everyone knows he’s just a lonely big mouth who doesn’t have the nerve or muscle mass to hurt a fly. Poor guy, lives in his own wacky fantasyland. Probably too far gone to assimilate back into society at this point.

          • Is that a defense for the Ravi-Russo Alliance of Corruption?Care to try again Shipyard Cat?

            Didn’t Tiffanie Fisher lead the effort to obtain a decent Suez Water contract? She did that for Ravi and Hoboken. Perhaps you missed it with all that ABC purring for Ravi & Russo.

          • Yeah, some Ravi political operative called Nancy. How can
            Nancy say she’s been libeled by her failure to stand up and take responsibility for backing the Ravi-Russo Alliance? Enjoying a donut is also libel? What a 🤡

            Nancy’s been shamed into the corner and won’t defend the Ravi-Russo Alliance she said it didn’t exist. Now she can’t find anyway to defend her support of it. Maybe she’ll do a hug-it-out video with Russo. Everyone thinks she’s due for an encore. Hug it out with the other half of the Ravi-Russo Alliance, Nancy! 🙃


        • @Save Hoboken. Get your facts straight. Everyone knows the Suez contract was handled by Mayor Bhalla with the help of Council President Ramos. Councilwoman Fisher couldn’t negotiate her way out of a paper bag. Sorry to burst your bubble loser.

          • Hi Shippy, I’m sure that would be news to Tiffanie Fisher and Hoboken since Ravi Bhalla publicly thanked her for her work on the Suez contract. Fisher led the effort on the infrastructure subcommittee. But of course you knew that. Try harder with your ABCs, sucker. 😎

  3. Everyone who knows anything about Hoboken politics knows Russo’s endorsement doesn’t come without a quid pro quo. In this case, if you cancount to 5 you know the Council Presidency is the prize. But the bottom line is that Mike Russo will control the Council with or without the Presidency – that’s just math created by Fisher and Giattino’s jealousy of Mayor Bhalla. So who cares if he gets the title. It’s Tiff and Jen, not Mayor Bhalla who will give him the power.