HCDO comes out strong in West New York for Cosmo Cirillo swearing in


Cosmo Cirillo, the senior advisor to Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-32), was sworn in as the West New York commissioner of the Department of Public Affairs during a special meeting Wednesday afternoon.


Cirillo was sworn in by district 32 officials State Senator/North Bergen Mayor Nick Sacco, Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto and Assemblywoman Angelica Jimenez.

All three officials offered high praise for the youngest commissioner in town history, with Jimenez even breaking down into tears over the occasion.

After the ceremony – which included appearances from dozens of current and former officials such as Superintendent of Schools John Fauta and former West New York Mayor Sal Vega – concluded, Vega and Mayor Felix Roque simultaneously spoke to Hudson County View about Cirillo’s appointment.

And before calling it a day, we had a chance to chat with the newly sworn in commissioner.

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  1. Mayor Cirillo will you undo all of Roque’s Evil and wrongs. We hope so soon as Roque is ousted or sent to jail. Our town has died under Mayor Roque and suffered beyond belief last four years.

  2. Felix Roque do you really enjoy chewing your gravy before you swallow it? I can not believe you want to be Mayor again so bad as to sell your soul and use your own money for this clown and fool show you are the star of? My God what happened to you Felix?????

    Is this worth it? Everyone hating you in a town that you want to be a Mayor of and to have everyone around you laughing at you and thinking your nothing but a Fool/Clown & using you for your $$$$$.

    Felix seeks help please!!!!! Really!!!!

  3. This is just another example of Vinnie and Sacco entrenching themselves and trying to extend their powerbase. Roque is a complete idiot and doesn’t see the writing on the walls.

  4. My, how the worm has turned. Cosmo,I hope your team is elected in May 2015 and you do to Roque what Stack did to Rudy Garcia in 2000-turn on him with two other commissioners to remove Roque as Mayor. I think Cosmo will be great for WNY. Now to get rid of the cancer called Felix Roque. Good luck Cosmo.