Guttenberg officials, local philanthropist on board with breast cancer awareness


Guttenberg elected officials, Town Hall employees and police officers are teaming up with a local philanthropist as part of an effort raise funds and present information as a part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Sponsored content. 


Guttenberg Police Det. Steven Diaz said the department recently had breast cancer awareness decals donated for a police vehicle, which has since been pain adorned with more pink, in addition to making pink badges for officers to proudly wear in October.

“We’ve orchestrated, along with Marisol Montanez, a walk for breast cancer, it’s gonna be this Saturday. The walk starts at 12, we’re gonna start at the Town Hall, and work its way through the Town of Guttenberg and we’re expecting a lively event that evening,” he said.

Montanez, the Guttenberg senior citizen coordinator, has also been helping raise money for the upcoming breast cancer awareness walk and has made T-shirts for the event.

Town Councilman Wayne Zitt said that the walk will be happening thanks to the efforts of Diaz and other local police officers and he thought it made sense to donate the proceeds to philanthropist Fernando Uribe’s annual breast cancer awareness event: A Professor’s Quest to Save Breasts.

“I thought it was a great opportunity to pair up this walk with Professor Fernando Uribe’s ‘A Professor’s Quest to Save Breasts,’ to do it in conjunction there to see how much money we can raise – and at the same time, again, is awareness to try and find a cure for this,” Zitt stated earlier today.

“Since 2008, I’ve been hosting this event to host this event to benefit the American Cancer Society and I’m proud to tell your viewers that I’ve raised $23,443 for the American Cancer Society and ultimately making strides against breast cancer,” added Uribe.

A Professor’s Quest to Save Breasts will be hosted at Son Cubano, located at 40-4 Riverwalk Place in West New York, on Friday, October 21.

The event runs from 8 p.m. until 2 a.m. and offers free admission, free parking and drink/food specials. The highlight of the evening will be Uribe’s signature date auction, where the proceeds will go towards the American Cancer Society.

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