Guttenberg mayor on bomb threat: ‘Everything seems to be back to normal’


After a bomb threat spawned evacuations and an extensive investigation throughout the Town of Guttenberg yesterday, Mayor Gerald Drasheff said this morning that “everything seems to be back to normal” after no explosive devices were found. Bergen County Bomb Squad

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“As it turns out, we found nothing. We did [searched] the park, the school and the Galaxy and we didn’t find any explosive [devices]. Everything was open by the afternoon and we have added police coverage from the next day or two,” Drasheff said over the phone this morning.

“Everything seems to be back to normal, but with all that’s happened in New York and New Jersey in the past few days, you can’t take any of these threats lightly.”

Early yesterday morning, Guttenberg Town Hall and Ana L. Klein Elementary School were evacuated after officials were notified of a bomb threat that was sent via email.

The Galaxy Towers followed suit shortly afterwards, as the Jersey City and Bergen County Bomb Squads searched the area, which included the Bulls Ferry condominium complex and the Waterfront Park on Guttenberg board with North Bergen on River Road.

Ultimately, the bomb squads did not detect any danger and the town was deemed safe again around the middle of the afternoon.

On Monday, bomb scares in Secaucus and Weehawken also drew a response from the Jersey City Bomb Squad and various other members of law enforcement, but no explosive devices were found in those incidents either.

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