Guttenberg hires West New York’s Cirillo as new administrator, dir. of personnel


The Town of Guttenberg officially hired West New York Commissioner Cosmo Cirillo as their new town administrator, as well as their new director of personnel, at last night’s council meeting.


As Hudson County View first reported yesterday, Cirillo was pegged to replace Michael Caliguiro as Guttenberg administrator.

The ordinance making town administrator a full-time post with a salary of $100,000, as well as resolutions to hire Cirillo as the new administrator and director of personnel, respectively, all passed unanimously (7-0).

Caliguiro also served as director of personnel and that job comes with no additional compensation.

Corporation Counsel Charles Daglian said the administrator job was advertised in the League of Municipalities Journal and the local newspapers and a committee convened to decide who the best fit would be after reviewing the resumes of 11 candidates.

After the interview process concluded, Cirillo was selected as the best applicant for the job, Daglian said.

Cirillo, who will step down as senior advisor to Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-32) to work in Guttenberg, told Hudson County View why he decided to leave Trenton.

“I’ve been at the statehouse for five years now: two years with Assemblywoman Angelica Jimenez and the past two years with Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto (both D-32): I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything, they’ve both been wonderful to me,” he said.

“The opportunities that the Speaker has brought to me has been outstanding. I started, when I was 16, at West New York Town Hall, in municipal government, and that’s where I saw myself when I went to college at Seton Hall. My path, for me, led me to municipal government.”

Cirillo, who has been a West New York commissioner since 2015, added that he felt he was a good fit for the job given that Guttenberg and West New York have many similar challenges on the municipal level.



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  1. Another Sacco hack gotta get paid. Cosmo sent to Guttenberg for his pay check.

    HEY COSMO West NY is a dump and is neglected. Do your job as Commissioner first and stop letting Roque and his Crime family from ripping off and destroying My TOWN!