Goldman Sachs, Jersey City high schools, cautious after potential COVID-19 exposures


Goldman Sach’s Jersey City branch, as well as at two local high schools, are operating cautiously after they believe separate incidents may have led to potential COVID-19 exposure.

Screenshot via the New Jersey Department of Health.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Today, we learned that an Optum employee is suspected to have contracted COVID-19. Optum operates the firm’s fitness centers,” Goldman Sachs employees received in an email yesterday.

“This individual was in the 30 Hudson Street (30H) Fitness Center between 3:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. ET on Thursday, March 5 and Friday, March 6, and became ill on Saturday, March 7. Since Friday, March 6, this individual has not been in 30 Hudson Street, and remains in self-isolation as they seek treatment.”

This morning, Jersey City officials emphasized that while there have still been no presumptive positive cases of the coronavirus in the city, a fact corroborated by the state Department of Health as of 2 p.m., a 10 p.m. curfew for bars and night clubs has been implemented on top of other precautionary measures.

Nevertheless, the school district is making sure that parents are aware of two instances of possible exposures: one pertaining to Dickinson High School and another to Ferris High School.

“This is Gekson Casillas, principal at Dickinson High School, and this call is to inform you that we received information that students in an internship at a Downtown company are working at a business with a possible case of COVID-19,” Dickinson parents were told in a robocall this afternoon.

“The students have been advised to remain at home at the recommendation of the health department. We are currently working with the Jersey City Health Department to ensure the safety of our students and staff. Please remain calm as we continue to take steps to follow the recommendations and will continue to update you as we receive more information.”

While the business was not identified, 20 Ferris seniors are self-quarantining after they may have come in contact with a man during an internship at Pershing LLC, a branch of the Bank of New York Mellon, who believes he may be infected, district officials confirmed today.

At this morning’s news conference, Jersey City Health Officer Dr. Shatrughan Bastola said that approximately 50 people have entered self-quarantine as a precautionary measure after believing they may have come into contact with someone who is infected, some of whom have already been cleared.

Additionally, the Jersey City Board of Education has announced that their schools will be closed between March 16th and March 20th and instead utilize remote programs.

In their announcement about the closures, they reiterated that no staff and/or students had a presumptive positive test.

“Currently all our students and staff are fine and we do not have anyone positive with the COVID 19 virus,” the school district wrote.

The Bayonne, Hoboken, North Bergen, and Guttenberg Public Schools have all announced similar plans as well.

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