Future police station to be named after Melvin Santiago, one resident speaks out against


The Jersey City Council unanimously approved an ordinance naming the future west district police station after slain Jersey City Police Det. Melvin Santiago.

Before the council could vote on the ordinance, former correctional officer and PBA local 109 President, Telissa Dowling, spoke out against the ordinance, saying the building should be named after former Jersey City Mayor Glenn Cunningham.

Ward A Councilman Frank Gajewski became emotional when speaking in favor of the ordinance naming the future police station after Santiago.

Finally, Cathy McBride, Santiago’s mother thanked the council for the ordinance after receiving a standing ovation.

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  1. The PBA President spoke out against it? Only in JC. Cunningham was a good man, but naming it after him would have been a political decision, not a memorial one. As an officer who died I. the line of duty at such a young age, and will never have the opportunity to be Mayor, this is an appropriate tribute. Maybe Dowling should try to remember what the initials of the organization stand for.