Fulop says Jersey City looking to scale back street sweeping from 4 times a week to twice


Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop said that the city is looking to scale back street sweeping from four times a week to twice in a social media post this morning.

Screenshot via YouTube.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“We’re going to start making long term changes to local government based on things we’re learning during #COVIDー19 . Change #1 – we are looking to change street sweeping to once per week each side as opposed to twice w/alternate side of the street parking rules,” Fulop tweeted.

“Bottom line… we don’t really need twice per week. We learned we can keep streets clean without inconveniencing residents that already struggle with parking. We will need to work through logistics but we are moving in this direction #JerseyCity”

He continued that this change should create more parking with less hassle for residents.

On March 20th, the Jersey City Parking Division suspended all parking regulations until the first week of May. There was one exception in the first week of April, where street sweeping was brought park temporarily.

The current alternate side street swiping system only gives residents a reprieve on Wednesdays. Failure to move your vehicle for street sweeping results in a $50 ticket.

The mayor has proposed an ordinance to create a new Street Cleaning Review Commission and propose amendment’s to the current schedule.

The new review commission will work with the city’s Division of Engineering, Traffic & Transportation and the Division of Parking Enforcement to review street cleaning procedures and policy throughout the city, recommend a new citywide cleaning schedule to efficiently reduce cleaning on most streets, and analyze and review procedures to eliminate waste and increase efficiency.

The Street Cleaning Review Commission will include one mayor designee, one Department of Public Works designee, and three members of the community designated by the city council.

Within 90 days, the committee will present its review and make recommendations to the administration.

Upon final approval by the city council, the new schedule will then be implemented effective January 1, 2022 to allow time for signage to be changed and other necessary processes put into place.

Street sweeping schedules for major roadways would continue unaffected (twice a week), while side streets with less traffic, and therefore less debris, will see a reduction to once a week.

The commission would then be tasked with designating appropriate roadways and routes.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated with new information.