Fulop plan for 2% tuition caps at public colleges being looked at by N.J. legislature


Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop’s proposal for placing a two percent cap on tuitions at public colleges is now being considered by the New Jersey Legislature.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Just like when he was the first to call for extending the Corporate Business Tax to fund NJ TRANSIT, or when major aspects of his Housing Policy were included in the state’s recent housing legislation, or when he became among the very first elected officials in the state to call for the end of the corrupt county line system, Mayor Fulop is once again driving the policy discussion in New Jersey with his plan for annual caps on public college tuition,” Fulop for Governor spokesperson Ashley Manz said in a statement.

“Over a year before the 2025 election Mayor Fulop has already made a real impact on New Jersey by releasing the most comprehensive and detailed policy agenda ever proposed by a candidate for governor. If Mayor Fulop can drive progressive change like this as a candidate, imagine the kind of transformative impact he will have as our next governor.”

The Jersey City mayor, a Democrat, first introduced the two percent tuition cap hike for public colleges as part of his statewide education plan last month, as HCV first reported.

The idea to cap tuition increases would come at a time when public colleges and universities in New Jersey and around the country are becoming increasingly unaffordable, with Rutgers University passing a 6 percent increase last year.

Bill A-4538 is sponsored by Assemblymen Cody Miller (D-11), as well as Assemblywomen Margie Donlon (D-11) and Shanique Speight (D-29). Assemblymen Dan Hutchinson (D-4) and Garnet Hall (D-28) are co-sponsors.

“This bill prohibits a public institution of higher education from increasing the institution’s resident undergraduate tuition rates for any academic year by more than two percent over the institution’s resident undergraduate tuition rates for the prior academic year,” the bill statement says.

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