Fulop: 222 COVID-19 cases, 250 tests performed on Friday, local relief plans coming


Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop provided a citywide update last night, indicating that there are 222 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 250 tests were performed locally on their first day of operations, and that local relief plans will be introduced next week.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“As of today, there are 222 confirmed cases in Jersey City. This does not come as a surprise and we expect this number to increase as we ramp up more testing for Jersey City residents. Our first day of testing was a success in Jersey City as we did 250 tests for just our residents,” Fulop said in an email blast last night.

“As we compare this to most county testing sites that do the same amount for a much larger geographic region, I do expect the number of positives to increase for Jersey City, but we should view that as a good thing because we will have more info to fight the virus in our city.”

He also commended the city’s office of emergency management for being well prepared, as they have 1,500 personal protective equipment kits readily available, with another 1,200 in reserves.

The mayor added that they are working to secure more PPEs and ventilators for both Christ Hospital and the Jersey City Medical Center.

Reiterating that the city is staring down a $70 million financial loss due to this public health emergency, again acknowledging layoffs are possible as a last resort, he said that the city is still going to work to get people back on their feet.

“Next week, our priority will be putting forward relief plans on the local level that complements the package from the federal program,” he wrote.

“We have already set up a team between the City Council and the Administration to work on this. We will also begin to organize some key volunteers for very specific objectives. For example, lawyers can volunteer pro bono and help small businesses apply for federal relief programs.”

Additionally, he reminded residents that there are still ways to support local restaurants, that grocery stores have set aside special hours for the elderly and immune compromised, and that Jersey City’s COVID-19 website will be updated consistently.

Yesterday, the New Jersey Department of Health said that there are 594 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Hudson County, with county government indicating last night that there have been six deaths recorded.