Fisher says ‘there’s so much more to do’ for Hoboken at re-election bid kickoff


Hoboken 2nd Ward Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher said “there’s so much more to do” for the Mile Square City at her campaign kickoff last night, giving her thoughts on the future of the Monarch project and Union Dry Dock.

“We accomplished a lot during my first term: a couple of the major priorities of 2nd Ward residents, as well as the rest of Hoboken – things like Washington Street and infrastructure, we completed Washington Street,” Fisher said at the Madison Bar & Grill.

“We completed a new contract with Suez that will not only improve our water and infrastructure, but also saves taxpayers $30 million, which is huge … but I just still think there’s so much more to do.”

Fisher continued that smart, responsible development is necessary so that issues such as overcrowding, pedestrian safety and student enrollment in the Hoboken schools aren’t forgotten.

While the filing deadline is still many weeks away, Fisher currently faces a challenger in Nora Martinez DeBenedetto.

Recently, she distributed campaign literature that expressed concern over the fact that Fisher cannot vote on the Monarch project, a controversial waterfront project that has been tied up in litigation for many years and currently awaits a hearing from the New Jersey Supreme Court.

Fisher weighed in on what the future may potentially hold for the two, 11-story towers and what the best possible outcome for Hoboken could be.

“In the first instance, I actually find it very funny because I’ve been very transparent from the very beginning on my role on Monarch. I was the lead private individual fighting the Monarch since 2011 and I continue to fight and I continue to advocate and I always will,” she stated.

The councilwoman reflected that a unanimous 2016 council vote shot down a settlement with developer Shipyard Associates that would’ve stoped the Monarch project, but also would’ve added 79 units to 800 Monroe St.

“It really pitted two areas of Hoboken against each other,” she explained, noting that a new settlement will protect the waterfront and create a development at the Department of Public Works site.

“We need to have an 8-0 vote on any project like that and I’m confident that we’ll be able to get one,” she added.

Finally, on the subject of Union Dry Dock, New York Waterway is currently tied up in litigation with the city to use the waterfront property as a ferry maintenance and refueling station as Mayor Ravi Bhalla has called for a new eminent domain process.

Fisher stated that former Mayor Dawn Zimmer should’ve made Union Dry Dock a higher priority, commending Bhalla for trying his best to negotiate with Gov. Phil Murphy (D) and his office to preserve the land.

“We really missed our opportunity under our prior mayor, it wasn’t her priority, I appreciate all the efforts that Mayor Bhalla has made to make this a priority for our community – the efforts that he’s made with Trenton, with Gov. Murphy,” she continued.

“We’re in a tough spot so I would like to see the fight continue. With that said, I also don’t want to miss the opportunity to make sure that if something ends up happening on that site that’s not what we want, we at least make sure that it reflects the best possible outcome for the residents of Hoboken.”

During the short program that was less than 10 minutes, the councilwoman was introduced by her father Dave and was well received by the crowd of about 50 people.

Dignitaries in attendance included Council members Jen Giattino, Mike DeFusco, Ruben Ramos and Vanessa Falco, Hoboken Housing Authority Chair Dave Mello, former Council President Carol Marsh, ex-Board of Education Trustee Irene Sobolov, former HHA Chair Dave Denning, Hola Charter School Co-Founder Barbara Martinez, North Hudson Sewerage Authority Commissioner Kurt Gardiner, Bonnie Murray, who ran against Fisher in 2015, among others.

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      • At the JERSEY SHORE? You are joking. 90 minutes to Hoboken Station! At MOST. More like an hour and 15. Yes, I have visited friends at the Sanzari Marina down there, across from the Bayhead Yacht Club. Going to Bayhead is like taking the train from Penn Station to Long Island. BIG DEAL. Folks with summer homes commute to NYC from Bayhead to work every day! EVERY DAY.

        Thank you for making my point. Cunningham blew off the Dark Side kickoff, and used BAYHEAD (bwaa haw haw) as an excuse.

        Note: Peter is a gentleman and would not use such coarse language. You may want to reconsider your “fat shaming” politics– judging from the photo taken of you last night, you are not all that and a bag of chips, sir. In fact, you ought to lay off the chips and get to the gym! Honestly, I am only concerned about your health and blood pressure. The way your belly flopped over your pants, it can lead to diabetes and heart failure. What would Hoboken do without you?

        • Your’e the joke Nancy, flagrantly caught in a your web of lies. No one is required to follow your orders when they are with their family out of town to accommodate your lies. Moron!

          Yes, Peter Cunningham called you out as a big fat liar and is not surprised. No one is.

        • Nancy, people are pointing out how you’ve been exposed yet again for lying. Your lies about Peter Cunningham are a part of the public record. He’s not sending any secret message for you to “understand” or decode. Cunningham rejected your lies. He admits he’s not surprised by your lying and yes, that’s hilarious!

          Being described as a big fat liar has nothing to do coincidentally with being big and/or fat. A guilty conscience can provoke some odd mental gymnastics but this is about your bottomless shameless lying not your reflexive need to play the victim. No one cares if you have another twinkie. It’s the remorseless lying about honorable service people find disturbing.

          You’re not the victim. You’re the victimizer but the embarrassment is all yours. Enjoy!

          • That was way too intelligently articulated for the dim-bulb Roman.

            So, thank you, Tiffanie, for piling on the fat-shaming train under a pseudonym like any gutless, dishonest elected weasel might do. Interesting to discover that fat-shaming and twinkie jokes are not below you. That should go over big with your female constituents. Well, I suppose being called “coincidentally fat” is better than your racist dog whistles against “unelectable” Bhalla in 2017. What kind of whisper campaigns will your and your PR firm run against Nora? I heard she got a terrific reception last night in the tea Building. Go, Nora!

        • Nancy goes to the beach to stalk The Cunningham Family?
          What was she doing scraping barnacles off the bottoms of yachts, she knows nobody with a home in that town- none that would invite her into their house.
          She and her Catfish fanboy love eating off the bottom of the sea floor.

          • My reply is only for the people who give me welfare… I mean pay for premium content. Or those I just spam it out to for free because I crave attention and hope more than myself and 3 people will post on my blarg.

    • Nancy, is there any point where lying about so many good people as you do to Peter Cunningham again would give you pause to look in the mirror? He refuted your lies. He’s down at the Jersey Shore with his family but restated his support for Tiffanie Fisher and Jen Giattino in their good government efforts. Can’t you show any decency? He’s served Hoboken well for more than a decade and here you are lying up and down about him pretending you speak on his behalf. This is beyond wrong and you need to stop lying and start apologizing. Your family can not look at your activities with pride.You are disgracing not only yourself but your entire family.

      • You sir, have become a prostitute for the Dark Side. You disgust me. Please do not ever discuss my family. Families are off-limits in politics, would you like your family discussed on this forum?

        I do not suffer lectures from Dark Side prostitutes. Hoboken officials who support “good government” do not form coalitions with Ruben Ramos and Mike DeFusco. They no longer are “:good government” officials in my book. You no longer support good government, and we really have nothing to say to each other. Now, SHOO!

        • Trying to change the subject from your lying with your limp attack fails.

          Not only have you been a Dark side whore for the Ravi-Russo Alliance, you look in the mirror pointing at others but it’s only you looking back. Ravi Bhalla brought Anthony Russo, King of Corruption in Hoboken into the mayor’s office, on day one! Your rationalization for lying about Peter Cunningham (again) is a pathetic failure.

          It was only like yesterday you were eager to get aboard the back of the Russo Clan broomstick. Because you are a paid political operative for Ravi Bhalla and are all-in to defend the Ravi Russo Alliance. Well, that’s a spot on the rear of the broomstick; so enjoy the ride but it’s grounded. No liftoff on the broom for you!

          The City Council has nine members. Those members are expected to work together… wait for it… to help Hoboken. They are not there to sit and argue getting nothing done. They’ve done a great job and reduced the bigger tax increase your boss tried to shovel on Hoboken.

          So in a vote on expanding development on the Western Edge, as there was recently, the good government people can lead the outcome with a 5-4 vote against and differ with Ravi Bhalla and four council members who voted for expansion. Peter, Jen and Tiffanie led the outcome of that vote against bigger Western Edge development.

          So yes, they are good government but they should and must work cooperatively on a body of nine to get things done for Hoboken. This is a simple truth. You only fanatically stand for the cult of personality with your paymaster boss. You are disgracing your family as well-stated previous. They didn’t have to talk about your family but merely pointed out YOUR actions disgrace them. This is true as is pointing out your relentless lying and kneeling to Ravi Bhalla and the Russo Clan.

          You are a disgrace. Nothing can change it but by making amends for all your lying. You need to admit you were wrong and apologize. It’s a long list. Get to work!

        • So GA, you seem to be avoiding the Ravi/Russo love fest. Could it be that you attacked Russo so many times that you can’t find a way to justify Ravi’s support for Russo? Remember that stuff about living in glass houses?

          • Good morning, oye vey. To answer your question, I’d have to buy into your premise (a horse turd talking-point.) I don’t.

            Ravi has a 7-2 council. Russo plays both sides, like his “help” in helping Ramos slide Eduardo into the vacated HUMC board seat. That seat was vacated by a Russo loyalist. So, even if Russo brings Vanessa, it’s still 4-5.

            Ravi needs to scrub the Dark Side Dabblers off the council- the 5th ward is looking good- and of course, wards 1 and 4. As for a “love fest” as talking points go, very dumb- par for the course for a guy that lives in a sh*t-filled barn! Have a great day.

        • Nancy, you disgust the entire city. You lost all but maybe two of your original BOE mom friends because you slime them and their friends from your cave.

          Roman didn’t have that many to lose in politics, but you did and you lost them all from stabbing them in the back and posting about them on your vile and vicious blog.

          Either you don’t sleep or Linda Lou and his 2 friends are supplying you with articles. You pump out more bile than Fox News

          • You know Troll or Vision Media flunkie, politics is not a wedge between real friends. If you want a friend in politics, get a pooch. Woof! Woof! Have a great day!

  1. Disappointed that Councilwoman Fisher has decided that her and Mayor Sacco’s political future ambitions are compatible and she is part of the Vision Media ticket of DeFusco, Fisher, Giatinno, and Ramos.
    Ms Fisher’s good words are not backed actions her actions and are therefore meaningless.

    • So now it’s a communications firm ticket? You guys are hilarious. Don’t you do any real work in the mayor’s office? We pay you to work not post comments online. When is Ravi Bhalla coming out against the North Bergen power plant?

      • We’ll believe it’s not a ticket when you start being honest about Defusco and Ramos VBM practices and ELEC violations. That won’t happen. Because it’s a ticket. You have to protect them by being dishonest about them.

          • Point proved. You can’t be honest about Ramos and Defusco’s glaring VBM practices and ELEC violations because you shill for them. You post more press releases than articles by a 2 to 1 margin. Political hack pretending to be a journalist. Nothing more.

          • Yeah but Ravi made a deal with Russo.
            Free ride to reelection in November. Support Ravi’s deals! Let’s complain about old VBMs/ELECs and press releases not from me. That’s not how it works Veejay. Keep forging ahead!

          • Ah, that’s the reason you aren’t honest about Defusco and Ramos on YOUR ticket. Because the VBMs and ELECs are old?

            Hey, Frank should have tried that in court. “Your honor, I bought thousands of VBMs, including for Mike Defusco in 2017. But the VBMs are old now. That makes me innocent, right? Roman says so.”


  2. What percentage of people at this event were actually voting members of the 2nd Ward? From the list of “dignitaries,” I counted two. Go through all the pictures posted by Tiffanie’s employee, Roman Brice, out of the 50 (and even that is generous), there were maybe 10-15 2nd Ward residents.

  3. Councilwoman Fisher owns two low floor condominium apartments in the TeaBuilding facing Manhattan that would lose hundreds of thousands of value if the Monarch project gets built on the pier and blocks her view.

    Isn’t giving away millions of dollars in value and drastically increasing the density in Southern Eastern Hoboken to protect her riverfront views pitting one part of Hoboken against the other ?

  4. A few thoughts:

    1. Fisher needs to take a remedial class in the meaning of the term recusal.

    2. Based on recent developments, Hoboken has a really strong chance of prevailing in Court in the Monarch case. Any competent attorney would advise that the Supreme Court would not have taken the case if they were not open to strongly considering reversing the Appellate Division and ruling in Hoboken’s favor. Did Fisher really discuss confidential settlement discussions she is supposed to be recused from while failing to mention the strong chance Hoboken still has to prevail in Court?

    3. Trying to characterize the supposed Municipal garage “trade” as a “better” deal than the one voted down is either dishonest or a sign Fisher is clueless about finance. Given her background in finance, dishonest seems more likely.

    4. Both deals involve “dumping” development in another ward, but the Garage proposal involves “dumping” about three times as my check density in the 1st ward than Zimmer proposed adding to the 3rd. Plus the garage deal involved handing over City asset worth more than $25 million in exchange for the monarch pier, while Zimmer’s proposal didn’t involve any moneary payment by the city at all.

    Put simply, the Garage proposal is worse than Zimmer’s by several orders of magnitude.

    If the City doesn’t prevail in Court, either because it loses or makes the irresponsible decision not to fully litigate, and it cuts the garage deal, then it will be clear on hindsight that the Council’s rejection of Zimmer’s proposal was a extraordinarily costly mistake.

    5. Fisher has no clue about the history of the UDD property during Dawn Zimmer’s administration. Her account is made up and incorrect. She has made no attempt to learn the facts, but facts are stubborn things and they usually come to light eventually, so Many Fisher ought to try to learn them if she plans on continuing to reference the topic during her campaign.

    6. Ms. Fisher played politics with UDD, postponing the final vote on eminent domain until after the 2017 election, which resulted in the vote being taken after the property was sold to NYWW rather than before. This delay compromised the City’s position.

    Based on what we know now, it is clear that Ms. Fisher and Ms. Giattino were dead wrong in their public claims that their was no emergency and it is crystal clear that Mayor Zimmer was not acting politically – only they were and the damage caused, while hopefully manageable, was real.

    Instead of lying about the Zimmer Administration’s approach to the UDD property, Fisher owes a big Mea Culpa for her own politically motivated actions that, with the benefit of hindsight, were clearly and indisputably wrong.

    Hoboken and 2nd ward residents await her apology with bated breadth, since being able to acknowledge mistakes and learn from them should be a pre-requisite for any elected office.

    • Lindastan, why are you trying so hard to dissemble on UDD? The City Council could not control the outcome in 2017 with any eminent domain vote no matter how you obfuscate that fact. Dawn Zimmer made a decision earlier not to purchase the property. It was a good decision. Let’s leave the phony revisionism out of it. Tiffanie Fisher is correct about this and it’s weird how you’re pushing some Ravi Bhalla deal downtown the public hasn’t seen. Are you allowed to publicly air contract negotiations on behalf of Ravi? Is it smart to do that even if you are acting as shadow mayor here for Ravi? Strike me as doubtful.

      • Read the story Doofus. Fisher spoke about confidential monarch settlement discussions she’s supposed to be recused from even hearing about. My understanding is that she has voted on matters she is not legally permitted to vote on and has participated in council discussions it is not legally appropriate for her to participate in. That is an ethical problem for her and a potential legal problem for the City.

        And she has publicly lied about how the proposal she’s not supposed to even know about compares to the far better one she secretly helped scuttle in 2016.

        To borrow your words, she keeps dissembling about UDD. She has no clue about the history pre- 2017, and the first time she had a role to play she played politics with the issue and screwed up badly, playing politics with the issue while Mayor Zimmer looked out for the best interests of the City.

        Important issues relating to UDD arose and we’re dealt with effectively by Mayor Zimmer in 2012 and 2015. Fisher has no idea what those issues even were or how they we’re dealt with.

        If she keeps lying the truth will bite her in the ass when it hurts her the most. Doofuses may not understand that but she and Vision Media may want to think long and hard before they dig their hole deeper.

        • Sounds like you are the one dissembling. Ravi Bhalla had public meetings in the third and fourth wards about Monarch alternatives. That’s not any secret so claiming to further a political attack about more public remarks bout it only makes you look more inept.

          UDD is over. Dawn Zimmer made a choice and a reasonable one not to spend millions on buying UDD with other critical infrastructure needs in Hoboken. She choose needed priorities. To pivot years after the fact and pretend the council could change that in late 2017 is frankly silly. They were well past options. Go chill out, the history is over.

          • Fisher’s only personal “contribution” re UDD was successfully playing politics and postponing a vote on ED until after NYWW closed on it’s acquisition of the property.

            Did her actions, which were indefensible in real time and even more so in hindsight, make a difference?

            We’ll never know but it sure didn’t help.

            Fisher owns that mistake and saying it wouldn’t have mattered anyway, something we cannot actually know for sure, is not an excuse or an apology.

            Why can’t she just say “I made a mistake, I was wrong?” when it’s so obviously the case?

            Since then, she had supported Mayor Bhalla’s efforts and has done no further damage but I guess “my screen up may not have mattered and since then the Mayor I oppose has carried the ball and I haven’t done any more damage” is not the best argument for re-election.

  5. I was at this event last night. It was a big crowd with a lot of new faces. I spoke to some people hadn’t seen in years and met new friends/neighbors. Tiffanie Fisher is a very hard worker who does great work for Hoboken. Fun to be a part although it was bizarre hearing that Ravi Bhalla went illegally into her building during her event and was thrown out. What is wrong with him?

  6. Ah, I see a certain Dark Side lapdog doth protest that Peter Cunningham was “out-of-town” last night. WEAK. LAME. In a mile-square city it is very easy to be”out-of-town” especially when one does not wish to be “in town.” Hmmm, maybe I’ll go “out of town” to Journal Square.

    Have a great day, everybody!

  7. I’m amazed at the comments under this thread and I am proud of the incumbents that had the decency not to crap all over Ravi’s slate when they were announced the way Ravi supporters are doing to reform incumbents.

    In particular lindalou, and we all know who it is since he’s referenced people not liking his wife (in reference to the former mayor.) He’s a mighty despicable character in the local political sphere. In response to his “few thoughts”:

    1) Tiffanie says nothing to suggest that she doesn’t know what recusal is. It is a well-known fact that, as a private citizen, she lead the charge against the Monarch Development and hasn’t voted on any matters surrounding it since. Having to recuse oneself from a vote, does no preclude you from having an opinion.

    2) No, Tiffanie did not discuss confidential settlement matters on the Monarch. The Mayor has already put out emails saying that he is working towards a settlement. It doesn’t take 1/2 a brain to understand that a settlement would include buildings that would have been built on the waterfront will be built somewhere else. That was also part of your wife’s settlement and anyone that watched the city council meeting when that settlement was voted on would know that there was a ward vs. ward feeling among the residents.

    3) You make absolutely no points on this item. What is your reasoning for emphatically stating that the municipal garage “trade” is a “better” deal. Are you sharing confidential settlement information on this board? You must have information to back up your position. Perhaps, information you shouldn’t have. Otherwise you’re just making up garbage, right?

    4) More information from you about confidential settlement deals in the works. You really should be more careful. By the way, the Zimmer deal allowed for development height where it wasn’t already permitted, unlike the garage.

    5) You’ve got some serious subterfuge going on about the UDD site. The facts are already out there so stop trying to hysterically re-write history.

    6) We all already know how Zimmer ignored UDD until she tried to make it a political stunt during campaign season. Way too little and too late on her part. Councilwoman Giattino and others tried endlessly to get the Zimmer administration to purchase the site year’s before NYWW bought it. Zimmer was not interested in moving on that item since, apparently, working on both the SW Park and UDD was too much on her plate. As you may recall, Zimmer had a narrowly defined agenda – rebuild by design, bike lanes and parks on the west side of town.

    Your wife’s legacy basically ok or mediocre, but untarnished (except for her little Suez tantrum which put her in a really bad light and the botched handling of the Washington Street redesign).

    Do you realize that your absurd anonymous online campaigning in vengeance doesn’t elevate the positions of the candidates you support in the least.

    There wasn’t one scintilla of anger, animus, cruelty, vindictiveness, unreasonableness or malice in one single thing that Councilwoman Fischer said. Your insincere and dishonest rants against her do you know good. But, I understand that you think that’s how you will an election. I hope Tiffanie’s opponent(s) have more class than you.

    • Unless you can convince your attack blogger not to wreck these announcements with letting everyone know how much he hates GA, Ravi and Stan, he’ll all turn into the walls of a 4th graders bathroom

      • Boy, Nancy and Ravi’s operatives sure are whiny.
        The truth stands for itself.

        Spreading nothing but lies and filth will not beat Tiffanie Fisher. Her record of service is superb.

        • Yeah, you’re confusing her with the mayor’s operatives. She wouldn’t post when she can issue releases. Only Ravi’s paid political operative desperately tries to make that claim. Pretty lame.

    • See comment above. Ignorance and dishonesty may not matter when your just a doofus, but when you’re running for re-election it can be fatal, especially when both the current mayor and the previous one are far more popular and respected by voters in your ward than you are.

      Ask Vision Media. Their track record in Hoboken is pretty poor, but unlike the three Real Doofuses of Hoboken they are neither crazy nor stupid.

      • My, my, my, quite the angry rabid dog you are lindalou. Can you stamp your feet for us now? Where did all that ugly hate and venom come from? Not popular in high school? Picked last for kick ball? I mean seriously.

        Tiffanie held a campaign kickoff and, for that reason, she was interviewed on camera for this article that Hudson County View was publishing about the event. She didn’t say anything about you or your wife and I’ll bet that not one person in the room even mentioned your or your wife or was even gave either one of you the slightest passing thought. They were there either in support of Tiffanie or to learn about Tiffanie and within minutes of this article posting your blogger comes to make negative comments. Take a look at the first comment. It’s totally uncalled for. Is this some ridiculous strategy of yours? Have some low-life blogger start barfing negative comments about candidates because you think these so-called 2 or 3 people defending Tiffanie are going to comment anonymously and ruin her chances? Seriously? I’d suggest you come up with a better strategy. Very few people are even inclined to plow through the Hoboken sewer comments on blogs and local websites.

        Are you really that afraid of Tiffanie? Did your push polls scare you?

        • No anger here – just providing a word to the unwise. Elections are won and lost based on what conversations candidates have and who they have them with.

          Councilwoman Fisher’s personal record on Monarch and UDD are significant liabilities for her. In both cases, if the City prevails it will be despite her not because of her.

          A smart candidate would try as hard as she can to avoid that conversation. Councilwoman Fisher on the other hand….

        • YOUR alt-right attack blogger is all over this thread and every thread. He’s YOUR problem. Vision Media works with democrats. But all the press releases they write for you and Jen and Mike and Ruben will end up on an alt-right website because of YOU. Good luck with that.

        • “Low-life barfing blogger” in da house! Well, some call it the “First Amendment- protected political discourse” and others (selected anti-free speech fascists and Alt-right Trumpers) call it “barf.” I agree, that 2 or 3 people are spamming here under a dizzying array of screen names. I also agree no one is reading.

          I am curious why a Democratic PR firm uses the same media platform used by Alt-Right Trump blogger who was recently repudiated world-wide? Does this make you barf too? Why would a Democratic firm ever endorse this kind of web site by allowing press releases to be published there. What next- “Stormfront”? “4Chan”? Honestly, I am trying to help.

          My sincerest hopes that this campaign is clean, without racist dog whistles (he’s “unelectable”) and sexist insults about women’s bodies (“coincidently fat”). Have a great day!

          • Nancy launches into her patented dumb vitriol, ends saying she hopes this campaign is clean. Makes up more to claim she’s a victim.

            Yes, the prescription needs serious adjustment. You can’t buy this kind of stupid. Ravi, demand a refund today.

    If the Bhalla fanatics were so confident they would ignore everyone and talk about themselves.

    The Sacco attack strategy is useless since Zimmer worked with him too and Ravi sucks up to him now as well.
    Someone should tell Ravi’s paid and unpaid bloggers the war ended…

    • If there was nota very real negative fallout of Sacco’s campaign control of DeFusco, Fisher, Giattino and Ramos were not effective you would not be trying to deflect it.

        • no one needs to stalk this bunch to know they aren’t starting families any time soon. that explains why you’d say something obnoxious about coloring with children. not that you have to have children to understand such concepts. it’s part of your overall narcissism.

  9. What a unmitigated mess for Tiffanie Fisher.
    The Councilwoman has chosen to surround herself with a group of supporters that constantly makes her appear to leader of an insane asylum rather than the representative of the Second Ward.

    • The same goes for Team Bhalla. Bhalla’s so called supporters led my Nancy who spew fake news and alternative facts like our President just did this week. It actually takes away all credibility Bhalla may still have. I feel bad for the Team Bhalla candidates being forced to be aligned with bullying and negative messaging in their first campaign. When they lose it will be because of Nancy.

      • When reading the posts the ugly insanity is centered in the DeFusco, Fisher, Giatinno Ramos camp. Councilwoman Fisher is on record for publicly advocating for finacial support of Roman Brice’s political blog which like many of the posts on this site are one sided anti-Bhalla.

      • Are you the Vision Media dweeb doing oppo research on my site yesterday? Just remember, campaigning against bloggers was a monumental failure in 2012’s BoE election. (That hokem may play well with the rubes in Secaucus and North Bergen, not so much in Hoboken.) In fact, it BACKFIRED.

        Oh wait… keep it up! And, have a great day.


    Mayor Nicholas Sacco’s re-election campaign kickoff drew some of the state’s top Democrats and a crowd of more than 1,000 to North Bergen Monday night.

    Murphy, State Sen./Union City mayor Brian Stack, State Democratic chairman John Currie, Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop, Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise, Hudson County Democratic Chairwoman Amy DeGise, Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla…..

    • DeFusco, Fisher and Giatinno’s crew seem to be obsessed with trying justify their slate being so closely connected to Sen./Mayor Sacco’s political machine in the November elections.