Firm of Davis’ nephew, ex-Chiaravalloti COS, to manage Nadrowski’s Bayonne mayoral campaign


The consulting firm owned by Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis’ nephew and former Assemblyman Nick Chiaravalloti’s chief of staff will manage Council President Sharon Ashe-Nadrowski’s mayoral campaign.

Crossing Aisles Consulting Owners Raine Cuseglio and Andrew Casais. Facebook photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Over the past two years I’ve grown increasingly concerned about the tone of the Davis administration,” Andrew Casais, Davis’ chief of staff between 2014 and 2017, said in a statement.

“During my time in City Hall I remember it being a place of open minds, open doors, and open communication – but now it seems to be closed-off from reality and moving backwards. Sharon’s respectful and deliberative approach to governing will give City Hall the reality check it needs to get back on track.”

In addition to running Crossing Aisles, Casais now serves as the business administrator, municipal clerk, and qualified purchasing agent for Roselle Park. 

“As someone who grew up in Bayonne and got involved in local politics at a very young age, I know how much a difference City government makes in people’s lives,” added Raine Cuseglio.

“Government should serve others, but the current administration has proven time and time again that they only serve themselves. Sharon’s run for Mayor isn’t just about an election, it’s about making Bayonne residents the priority of City government once again.”

Adding further intrigue to the situation is that Vincent Cuseglio, the chair of the Bayonne Republican Committee and Raines’s father, is a big Davis supporter.

Raine Cuseglio also previously served as special advisor to Hudson County Democratic Organization Chair Amy DeGise.

The Bayonne municipal elections are on May 10th, where the mayor’s seat and all five council seats are up for grabs.

Davis has announced his full ticket, while Nadrowski has not revealed any of her running mates yet.

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