Family of West New York EMT, PA fireman seeking help for funeral costs


The family of a West New York EMT, who was also a volunteer fireman in Pennsylvania, is seeking help to pay for the funeral costs associated with his untimely passing.

Roberto Claros. Facebook photo.
Roberto Claros. Facebook photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Roberto Claros, 28, suddenly passed away on Sunday, June 19 due to complications from surgery.

Claros’ unexpected death was particularly hard for his two children, given that it was Father’s Day. His son is 10 years old, his daughter is 3 years old and his wife is a Weehawken EMT, friends told Hudson County View.

According to the GoFundMe page set up by Union City’s Alex Charris, Claros was a West New York EMT and a volunteer fireman for the Penn Forest Fire Department for 12 years.

“Much of his time was spent working 24, 48, and sometimes even 72 hours consecutive yet I never once heard Rob complain, instead I was amazed at his work ethic,” the page description says.

“But Robs [sic] legacy is a lot bigger than his career as an EMT and Fireman, Rob was incredibly generous, often sharing anything he could to help a friend in need. Rob was one the the most unselfish people I’ve ever met and while he never took any charity from anyone he was the first one in line if anyone ever needed help.”

The page has set a goal of $10,000 and has already raised $5,155 in just two-and-a-half days.

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    • Yes I really would because even working those shifts my cousin managed to save more lives than you ever have. Stupid asshole keep your unnecessary comments to yourself.

    • EMT’s who work long shifts will sleep at their building, especially,if it’s more than 16 hours. A lot of EMS offices have sleeping quarters, sofas and recliners for their members/employees. So,Inc., in response to your ignorant comment, YES! I would have an EMT who dedicates so much time saving lives work on me if it was needed.

  1. It’s the sacrifices we make to treat dumb losers like you when your face gets bashed in! Which I’m pretty sure it happens often
    Damm troll !! Why don’t you leave you moms basement and do something like play in traffic

  2. Lisette, you are too close to answer any one’s remarks. I was an ems supv. for 7 of my 10 years. A whole bunch of guys came from WNY. One of my best friends and fellow supv. ( he als, me bls ) was Bob Cirri. I saved a whole bunch of lives. Lost more than I saved and that was after 42 hours PER WEEK. Are there people that work 40+ hours per shift …sure. Should they have … NO. Did they save lives yes. But they also lost a bunch, not because of fatigue but because “shit happens”
    My sincerest condolences. Losing a dad on Father’s Day is horrible.
    We are coming up on 15 years for my former LE partner (with the county) JCPD P.O.Domenick Infantes and 2 years for my friend JCPD Det. Melvin Vincent Santiago.

    I hope you and the family find solace in our LORD Jesus.

  3. Dear Inc, If you have nothing better to say i suggest you keep your mouth shut. A family that is grieving does not need to see your stupid comment. Please find someone else to mess with, because you have no idea of how much of a amazing person he was. so shut the f up loser.