Ex-WNY Mayor Sal Vega named High Tech HS Director of Transportation


Former West New York Mayor Sal Vega will serve as the new High Tech High School – a part of the Hudson County Schools of Technology – director of transportation. He will earn an annual salary of $60,000 at his new job, according to multiple Hudson County sources.

Vega and Felix Roque had a bitter battle for the mayor’s seat back in May 2011, with Roque pulling the stunning upset over Vega – despite being a political newcomer and the incumbent having the full backing of the Hudson County Democratic Organization.

Now the tables have turned as Roque, who just announced he will seat re-election next year, has won over the HCDO – who showcased their heavy support at a fundraiser at Son Cubano on Wednesday.

Vega was not only in attendance, but seemed to now have a cordial relationship with his one-time political arch-enemy.

Vega did not respond to calls seeking comment, while Hudson County Schools of Technology Superintendent Frank Gargiulo, who is also a North Bergen commissioner, could not be reached for comment. 

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  1. I an not sure if this is a Greek Tragedy or Shakespearean Comedy, or has manifestations of both. The tragedy is that the joke is on the good people of WNY. Vega was handed his start in politics by the great Mayor DeFino. When DeFino nemesis Alvio Sires made Vega an offer he couldn’t refuse, Vega bit the hand that fed him and jumped ship to Albio Sires. While Vega faught back when now Congessman Sires wanted to control Town Hall, he took on the role as scapegoat (with culprits Sires and Turner laughing in the background) when the hot handle he was dealt by Sires left no alternative but to raise taxes in 2009. Why did Vega take this abusr so stoic-like? Sadly, it is because Vega had a price he wanted to not call out Sires and town administrator Turner publicly for their fiscal lack of prudence of carrying too much debt while reducing the town’s percentage of full tax paying rateables, (via ruinous and unwarranted tax abatements) This job represents Vega cashing in his corrupt marker and letting WNY know he cares more about his own financial improvement rather than the long term fiscal health of a town he claims to love. At least he is more qualified as a transportation boss than WNY Commissioner Ruben Vargas was. Perhaps Vega can use what pull he has to loan WNY some buses (that Roque appears to have diverted to the tax abated waterfront) so that school students from the non abated parts of WNY can be sent from #6 to the former St Joseph’s H.S.

  2. Ferreiro smokes Weed/Crack (He admits) and Vega likes Coke.($oda I believe?)

    Both got friendly with Corrupt Roque. $ounds like a tragedy for WNY Gov’t in 2015 if the Corrupt get re-elected!

    Unless the dirty little $ecrets come out and this love feast collapses 😉