Ex-West New York resident insists that Hector Hernandez abused ex-wife


A woman who grew up in West New York, who calls Jackie Melendez – the ex-wife of West New York United commissioner candidate Hector Hernandez – a friend, swears “on her children’s lives that he hit her,” even though she never witnessed the domestic violence first hand. 

Hector HernandezBy John Heinis/Hudson County View

Cheryl Ramos Morar, 41, who says she moved from West New York to Roswell, Georgia about eight years ago, says that although she never saw Hernandez hit Melendez, she believes there is plenty of evidence to support that claim.

“There was at least one incident, from 2005, where Hector was banging, kicking the door [of their apartment] and threatening to killer her,” Morar said over the phone. “She was hiding behind the couch, shaking, as I tried to calm her down.”

She added that she has been “very good friends” with Melendez for many years, also noting that with graduated from Memorial High School with her sister in 1988.

“I would swear on my children’s lives that he hit her,” stating that she saw Melendez sporting “black and blues” multiple times during her marriage with Hernandez.

Morar also claimed that Hernandez had “a girlfriend” at the time who would call and threaten Melendez.

Hernandez, along with his son – Hector Hernandez, Jr. - unequivocally denied Melendez’s claims of years of domestic abuse (per Hudson County TV) in an interview with Hudson County View on Saturday, said he was “at a total loss for words” over Morar’s allegations.

“We’ve [Cheryl and I] never had any problems, any issues. I’m good friends with her brother, whose a teacher in town, and her mother – who still lives in the housing authority. I also coached her son in baseball,” he said over the phone.

“I don’t understand where this is coming from. I’m at total loss for words. It just makes no sense. I can’t even make heads or tails out of it.”

Robert DiVincent, the longtime executive director of the West New York Housing Authority, told Hudson County View he never heard of any complaints of domestic violence between Hernandez and Melendez – who lived in a housing authority building when they were married.

“Nothing was ever reported to me,” he said succinctly.

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  1. Wait. but on facebook this same girl said that she witnessed this first hand. as both Jackie and Hectors Kids I just want to say that her accusation is completely false. why would any of his kids meaning me, my brother, and sister want to live with him if he was a woman beater? I can assure all of you guys that if he did ever lay a hand on my mother I personally would have called the authorities and have him arrested. What kind of people will stoop so low to stand behind liars. that’s what I don’t understand. Hector Hernandez is completely innocent. should I remind everyone all these accusations are coming on the eve of an election day? C’mon guys lets wake up here

    • What does that have to do with anything !!!! She not her brother nor that has anything to do with this unless MR HERNANDEZ IS A Rapist too!!!!
      So don’t go there buddy
      Nice try , bash someone who put the self out there and doesn’t hide behind a comment like u do!!! She came forward straight up and told all with her Government name ….. Bill lmaoo bill gtfoh

  2. I love how every time someone comes forward to accuse him (hector Hernandez)
    He swears up and down , that he is the best of friends with the abuser or the accuser… But let me guess they sent her a check to all the way in Georgia….
    Why can’t he just say .. Hey it’s true I made a mistake or TAKE A POLYGRAPH
    AND mr. Junior it’s funny how you always got something to say but I doubt you would of call anybody to help your mother out , just by the way you talk to her all this week….
    THIS WAS A BRAVE!!!!! Thing you did ms. Cheryl … Thanks for coming forward the people who know this is true believe
    You !!!!!!

  3. Dear Mr. John Heinz
    I want to express my sincere apologyI really thought you were only one-sided reporter, thank you for this report
    I truly apologize for the comment I made you early , I should’ve not judge the book by its cover. You have proved to me and many others that you are not a one-sided reporter… Thanks again and keep up the good work

  4. Listen….. I am not a p@ssy or a coward! I use my real name and I’m not afraid of Hector and honestly I could care less about WNY politics. I left there to have a better life for my children. As for you Mr. Bill….. Maybe you should get your story straight!!! My son has never been accused of rape or anything otherwise you f&cking moron!!’ Like I said….. The truth shall come to light!!!’ He should just admit it and apologize and beg for forgiveness!!! For the rest of you cowards that have something to say I am an open book I have nothing to hide!! Don’t accuse just ask!

  5. Hey “bill” how dare you make up such awful things about someone’s child!!!!! This woman spoke up in defense of her friend so you turn around and try to take some skeletons out of HER closet? WNY has some sick people living there. I don’t care how kind this man appears to be, at one point and time he hurt this woman and for that he should be called out

    • It’s very nice for you to stand behind this woman! Her child was the victim of abuse not the abuser!!! Lmfao people need to check their facts before opening their mouths! Cheryl’s son was like 4 or 5 when he was abused by a teen..How can you rape someone at that age (4-5) morons!!! The other family left the building secretly! I’d love for Cheryl to see your comments so she could kick your ass! I’ve known her for years and I know her family and they are tough as hell…. Can’t wait to send her this one!

    YOU LOST BY A 1,000 VOTE

    • Noooo buddy
      Wiley’s out …… So new commissioners
      New ways …. And get ready because what I hear is you’re getting fired from housing
      And I think you owe your mother and apology and rethink everything your father has done to her and put her through and all the abuse she had to Indore
      You should be ashamed of yourself for letting another man put his hands on your mother

  7. Talk is cheap. I met Hector Hernandez, his daughter and son at the election poll. Hector Hernandez is a family man who has the love and respect of his children. Who cares what the rest of the small minded people say.

  8. I’m just reading this all now. And you people are a joke. Especially you Alex (pete) you all need to leave my brother alone and stop talking shit about him. Days after the election and you guys still have something to say. I don’t get it?

  9. This is all so sad how people still have things to say. Especially mr. “Alex”. I hope arguing with an 18 year old, who is my little brother, helps you sleep at night. Everyone please have a blessed night.